2004 Ford F-150 question ????

I need help from my OG mechanics !

so I have a 2004 Ford F-150 FX4 . 3 years ago the motor went out and I bought a brand new motor . I never had issues until now . Last week I was driving and the oil pressure gauge started going up and down and the truck started making a ticking noise and loud noise , like a muffler sound . I had it towed to a mechanic . 

The mechanic checked it out today and told me that it’s the timing chain , that they will have to also change oil pump and do some other minor work . The total will be $2,500. 

My question is , does that sound about right ? The price and the diagnosis ? Should I get a second opinion ? 

When I bought the motor 3 years ago I paid $4500....to spend another $2500 is ridiculous ..I’m even thinking about buying a new truck instead 

They have to replace both chains , tensioners, guides , pump , probably do the cam phasers too . Seems a tad high but could be the market you are in . For 3400ish you can buy a long block by the way (plus installation )

And I would get a second opinion . Don't tell second shop it's even been diaged. Don't want to lead them to a quick bullshit diag.

5.4 trying? If so they are notorious for a pos.

Dingo ate my baby - 5.4 trying? If so they are notorious for a pos.
Trying = Triton

At this point it's probably time to let go. You'll just end up constantly dumping money into it

Dingo ate my baby - 5.4 trying? If so they are notorious for a pos.
Had 365k on my triton before I replaced it a month ago . Only reg maint, nothing internal done .

Unfortunately they are likely correct. The true thjng is the question of whether they did a proper or shotgun diag. Good chance they chain tensioner seal(s) failed, if it was a remain motor. But did they removed the valve covers and check? Or if its the pump, did they actually do a pressure test. Likely its one Or the other and they want to cross their 't's and dot their 'i's so to speak.