2004 Mahler KB workshop Schedule

February 8th: Level 1 Kettlebell Workshop In Santa Monica, CA

March 20, 2004: Level 1 Beginner Kettlebell Workshop In Alexandria, VA

March 27th, 2004: Level 1 Kettlebell Workshop In Long Island, NY

April 3, 2004: Level 2 Advanced Kettlebell Workshop In Alexandria, VA(Experienced kettlebell trainees only)

April 10, 2004: Level 1 (All levels) Kettlebell Workshop in Phoenix, AZ

May 15th, 2004: Level 1 Kettlebell Workshop In London, England

July 24, 2004: Level 1 Kettlebell Workshop in San Jose, CA

August(exact date TBA) Level 1 kettlebell Workshop in Boston, MA

Email me for info on any of these workshops at mahler25@yahoo.com

You should try to hit the midwest sometime, Mike.


I have a possible workshop in the Ohio area in the works. Email me at mahler25@yahoo.com if you are interested in a midwest workshop and I will make it happen.

Mike Mahler


Would love to go to Denver as well. If someone can find a free location for me in Denver or the midwest and supply some kettlebells, I will promote it. If I get a minimum of 10 people I will commit.

Mike Mahler