2004 Olympic High/LowLights

With the Olympics winding up I'd be interested in hearing about your Olympic high and lowlights.

Something that was seared onto my brain was during the men's 10m platform diving aired yesterday. Some Aussie guy obviously forgot his toggs and borrowed his kid brother's speedos: size 2 (kids) that proved that the AIS has finally developed a sports supplement that blocks pubic hair growth and, after seeing the size of the coin-slot exposed, explains the Aussie Dollar on the bottom of the pool. My wife commented that he should have been awarded extra degree of difficulty points for getting into those "instruments of torture" in the first place - only after a gender test that is.

Come, share some of those Olypmic Magic Moments with the forum...

hot chix in lycra bouncing around

HIGH: Rezazedeh Breaking world record in superheavy weight weight

Low: That scum bucket tackling the leader of the marathon race, death
would be too good for him.

"Low: That scum bucket tackling the leader of the marathon race, death
would be too good for him."

yeah man that was pretty shitful. I heard on the news this morning that
the guy is an irish priest and a couple of years ago he stepped out on
the tracks during a car race event. He's trying to get the message
across that the second coming of christ is nigh .. or some shit like that.

I caught some footage on the Today Show this morning of the fool running down the track during a F1 race.

Talk about a death wish!

Pitty the cars missed him that way we wouldn't of seen him yesterday.

I would be absolutely pissed off - four years of training to get that
40second lead in the race, only to have this fn idiot tackle me down.

Australia Kookas winning gold. That was a great match. They wre the clear winners from 20mins.

Womens beach volleyball was pretty cool...can anyone tell me who won? I forgot to keep watching the ball and the score ;)

You mean there were highlights? You're having me on!
On a more serious note, the rhythmic gymnastics and women's beach volleyball were my highlights. As well as that Aussie BLOODY HERO that had to get some hell good score for a bronze and scored 3 perfect tens! over like, 90 he got. Silver medal! Fucking legend. (pardon my french)