2004 OzGrapple Calendar

Well we are only a month away from 2004 and I imagine many clubs etc are thinking about competitions for next year (I know I am!).

I'm going to start detailing info on the OzGrapple calendar again - basically links and details to grappling events here in Australia. The address:


Feel free to drop me a line at jason_berman@hotmail.com if you would like access to the same... else I'll happily update information for you (especially if you send me the html script for the same!).



Updated calendar with dates for next year's Abu Dhabi seeding qualifier (Feb04 @ Extreme in VIC) and the 5th Australian Open Jiu-Jitsu Cup (Apr04 @ Extreme in VIC).

Anyone correct me if I'm wrong.

Did Kerry Dunne announce Spartan 9 as being penned for 3rd April 2004???



I thought it was March sometime. Kerry??


Just added:

1st National no-gi comp (Feb04 @ Manly, NSW)

ACT International Judo Open (Feb04 @ Canberra, ACT)

Australian National Judo Titles (Jun04 @ Brisbane, QLD)

NSW and VIC International Judo Opens (Aug04)

Guys, I'd suggest if you've even got a tentative date for a competition you'd be well served to let me know.

Thanks Jason, great initiative.


"Abu Dhabi seeding qualifier (Feb04 @ Extreme in VIC) "
"1st National no-gi comp (Feb04 @ Manly, NSW) "

So now we have two, no gi tournaments on the same day!


Hi GUYS. Spartan 9 is April 3rd.


1. Mid March - Gold Coast (date to be confirmed)

2. 29th of May - Brisbane

3. Early August - Gold Coast (date to be confirmed)

4. 30th of October - Brisbane

...stay tuned!!

Kezza & Comeuppance (and everyone else for that matter)

I'll happily include your items, but at a minimum I'll need:

1. A date (if you advise it's tentative, I'll write that);
2. A location (Suburb, City, State is a good start); and
3. A contact for more details e.g., a email address, web address or phone number.

Maybe edit your last posts else, if you like, you can just put the details on the attached link and I'll update the calendar proper pronto.