2004 Pistons vs 2016 warriors

How do you think this would go? Lakers were hefty favorites built with all star mercenaries like Malone and Payton to get a title and Detroit stranglefucked them.

Ben and Rasheed Wallace, tayshaun prince, billups, rip Hamilton. Could they have got dirty enough to disrupt the offensive masterpiece of golden state? Phone Post 3.0

Ttt Phone Post 3.0

I was just thinking about this match up like a few hours ago.

It's a really tough one for both teams cuz styles make this match up.

Both play a team style game well but the Pistons want to keep the game slow and a half court style and the Warriors want it faster.

It's been said that if the piston stop you from scoring 100 you have a chance but if they stop you from scoring 90 then you will lose for sure. This will come down to that aswell. If the Pistons keeps the game around 90 then win. But can they?

Karl Malone got injured the last game of the wcf iirc

Gsw in 6. Interesting matchups. Deep benches. Thinks curry is the deciding factor. Phone Post 3.0