2004 rendezvous results

does anyone have 'em?

Just got back. Any particular division you're looking for?

They should be posted within a day or two.

oh i got some.

60kg dont know
66kg justin flores was in the final with taylor takata and from what i hear justin won.
73kg they said reser was in the final here
81kg they said rick hawn lost somewhere in the beginning, aaron cohen got 3rd i believe and jake flores hurt his knee.
90kg dont know
100kg dont know
+100kg dont know.

so , there you go. what i heard from people so far. it might not be all that accurate. peace


damnit, this thing wont edit. anyway, i just realized i put reser in 81kg. but he fought his usual 73kg and they said he was in the finals. there we go. thats better.


That's all accurate. Another US gold was Kunihiro in 55kg. The -90, -100 & +100 were won by Choi (Kor) Cuipe (Can)) and Wandji (Can) respectively. Ronda Rousey lost her first match in 10 seconds but came back through the repecharge for bronze.