2004 viper or 2004 Vette - discuss

If someone was giving away one of each and offered you one or other other. Which would you take and why?

...and if you want the vette, don't say you'd take the viper and sell it to buy the vette. :)

Vette, I like the body style better.

Viper, more rare, better looks, stock vs stock can own the vette, brakes are second only to the enzo ferrari, its just an amazing car

which is why i have one ;)

I would take the Vette.

I much prefer the body styling to the Viper, and stock vs stock a Z can hang with a Viper, the only thing the viper is really better at is straight line acceleration.

I love the aftermarket stuff for the vette as well, I would spend 10 grand on a h/c package, some new wheels and tires and be ready to kick some serious ass on the street or at the track, and all that would still be well below Viper cost:)

is it a lingenfelter vette?

did you know taht the bumper on the viper costs $10,000. no joke i work at a body shop and that is how much the front bumper costs. that is a lot for a bumper.

Vette. with the money saved between the two cars, you could make the vette REALLY fucking fast.

not the viper...for the money...you could have a used porsche twin turbo

WHy not wait till the new one in 2005? Vette all the way.

ok! viper...black on black