2005 Instructional of the year?

My vote:

If Saulo's first set was 2005, then it gets my vote.

If not, I'm going to go with Marcelo 3. Where else do you see a competitor's complete game from A to Z?


Camarillo's dvd. I'm a judoka and even in his judo section he showed little details that I had never thought about in certain moves. Plus he gives you gameplans as well, so that is my vote.

Saulo's DVD's are GREAT!

I would say the Marcelo 3's for sure.

Where is the cheapest I can get the Saulo gi- dvd's?


that is what I thought.  hopefully paul will put up an auction soon.

Either Saulo 1 or 2

Saulo 1 imo

Saulo 1

For me it is a mixup with

Garcias complete set


Pe De Panos set

Since I only buy no-gi sets and focus on SW I can safely say that Garcia III is the best no-gi set of the year. 

im torn between garcia or saulo no gi to buy

saulo and his gi series is by far the best i have seen in a long time

Saulo Gi set, but I also liked the Cesar Gracie no-gi set a lot

Since Saulo Ribeiro's - Gi set released Oct.2004....I say....

Marcelo Garcia-Series 2

SAULO RIBEIRO - Freestyle Revolution

saulo 1 no doubt

Since Garcia 3 came out so late, I'd put it as the frontrunner for 2006.

Saulo 1 is definately the best of 2005.

I'd also give an Honorable Mention to SoFlo Jiu-Jitsu's Luis Gutierrez, Leo Kirby, and John Davis for SoFlo 1 & 2.

The Harness,Chin Strap,Pry Bar and Transitional Armdrags from Luis and The Z-Guard from Leo and John are a fantastic display of out of the box thinking. The things they show can add new dimensions to your game and can be built upon with your own innovations from the principles behind the positions.

These guys are coming up with some great things but don't seem to get the play that others get. I'd just like to take this opportunity to thank them, because while Saulo and Marcelo's instructionals are great, for me personally I have gained more from the SoFlo instructionals because they have forced me to expand my thinking.

wow Famigerado. good review. have not seen that one. From what I have seen saulo has the best no gi instruc in 05. I ahve not seen his gi one. Is it better than his no gi? i find that hard to imagine. I found taht saulos no gi symply blew away marcelos. I ahve 1 2 3. blew away. I think marcelo looses something in translation. Saulos is set up better also. he does not show the technique over and over he kind of shows it once or 2x with so much detail and he explains everypart of the move. if i get a move i dont want to watch it 4x over. I can rewind the dvd easy enough. I also laugh my ass off at saulo making up his own words like conduce.

the best gi I have seen is camarillo. he is very articulate and concise in his delivery and gives you theory. at this point we dont need 100 new moves but a game and theory and reason why you do something the way you do. fundamentals.

I love the technique in marcelos gi series but the translation absolutely sucks.

The camera work on Garcia 3 seemed to be off at times. Normally, it's pretty much perfect.