2005 San Diego BJJ Open

More Top Fighters and Schools Sign up for 2005 San Diego Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Open Tournament

New names have come up to compete in the 2005 San Diego BJJ Open. American Star Rafael Lovato Jr is adding his name to teh Heavyweights and will join the previously announced group of World Champions Xande Ribeiro & Demian Maia along with top competitors Eduardo Telles & Arthur Ruff. In the light weight division: World Campions Andre Galvao & Cassio Werneck, top US based competitor Wander Braga. With the promise of good prize money and great matches, top fighters from the US and abroad have signed up to compete for the 2005 San Diego BJJ Open. More names are in the works and will be announced soon so don't miss the chance to compete and watch the best go at it!

The 2005 San Diego BJJ Open will have $12,000 U.S. in prize money for professional black belts and team competition. First place black belts will win $2,500.00 and second place black belts will win $1,000.00 For black belts there will be a Lightweight (up to 181lbs/82,30Kg with gi on), Heavyweight (up to 221lbs/100,50Kg with gi on), and an Absolute division.

Black belts can enter in both their weight and the Absolute, giving them a chance to win $5,000.00 total prize. The tournament promises to showcase some of the most exciting black belt fights. In addition the tournament will have monetary prizes for the top academies with first place team getting $1,000 and second place team $500. Adding to the competition for the $$$ are Micah's Machado Las Vegas, Gracie Brarra USA and Rey Diogo Academies. They will join and already strong field of Academies like Rickson Gracie, Cleber Luciano, Rodrigo Medeiros, Valente School, Pedro Sauer Team and more.

The tournament will also have kids divisions - Kid entry fee is $45.00

The event takes place on October 1st at the Carlsbad High School, 3557 Monroe Street, Carlsbad, CA 92008

For information and to sign up on line check out: www.sandiegobjjopen.com

TTT for the $12,000 Prize Money