2005 World Chamionships

The worlds are coming up and I can't find one website for it.

Shouldn't the IJF be promoting this big event. How do they expect to market the sport if they are not even trying. IJF.org is a pretty good looking website but the content is not that interesting.

They also need to start marketing the fighters from all countries better.

This really pisses me off because I want to see Judo do better in main stream sports.

Your right, the IJF sucks. Their website is updated once every 4 months, and it's mostly news about the national federation's presidents meeting or the referies meeting some place.
There' s almost no pictures and don't even dream about finding a judo video there.
They got no marketing skills whatsoever.
Fighters like Yoshida, Nakamura (Yoshida's pupil), Ogawa or Parisian by fighting in MMA are doing more for this sport than the IJF bourocrats will ever do.

Here's the website from the Egypt organizers:


Not the most professional-looking site IMHO ... Hope they really have up-to-the-minute info on there once competition starts. Otherwise I hope ippon.org gets to report on the Worlds.