2005 WSOP

Who here is going to try to get into this thing?

I certainly don't want to pay $10,000 to enter, but I'll be trying some satellites to get in. Not too many other things were an amatuer can sit down and compete with a world champion (and likewise get their ass handed to them).

the odds of getting in the money in that thing are so long, its really not worth it unless money is not your sole reason for playing. JMO.

Agreed, I just think it would be cool to go and do it. I have no hopes of winning, but if I could get in on a $100 or $200 satellite it would be worth it to me. Just knowing you were in a tournament with all of the best players in the world would be quite a rush.

Yeah I have the same plan jman. I am going to be in Vegas for the WSOP and I am definitely going to play in some of the smaller events (the $1000 and $2000 ones) and I am going to try my hardest to q for the main event. However, I dont think I would shell out $10,000 for it.

Should be up there from start to finish, two money finshes in 5 events, last year.

I have never looked forward to a WSOP so much as this one.

I really wonder how diffrent it would be playing with the "pros" I think a lot of their advantage is just their names and the respect that comes along with it.

Are they THAT much better?

Yes. They are. It's like those guys on tv who can tell if people are lying to them and they have reading people down to an exact science.

There are so many mistakes that can be made in onehand of poker.

Good pros see the mistakes and figure out how you will react and act in a hand.

Some pros with names are excellent, some are good but not great and others are in trouble cause the game has evolved and passed them by.

It was cool hanging out at Binions last year watching one of the WSOP NLH events(it wasn't the main event). Seeing alot of the top players was like being at ADCC or being at the Mundials.

The only time I got to play with any pros was in a Poker Stars WPT qualifier. I had Erik Lindgrun at my table. I actually could have knocked him out, but he outplayed me that hand on a bluff. I did outlast him though, but neither of us ended up winning anything.

The biggest thing I noticed was how subtle his plays were. They were not huge reraises or monster bluffs or anything, just very nice and careful raises, etc at very appropriate times when he was in proper posistion.

accumalaying chips without risking your whole tourney is how great players survive giving them a chance to win

What online sites besides Poker stars have the satellites for the 05 wsop?

Yeah that's a good idea...actually a REALLY good idea. I think I'm going to do that, the $1500 NL event sounds just about right for me. Enough money to make it worth the trip, but not the insane $10,000 to enter the main event.

Isn't the event that wrecker made the final table?