Hey guys, Baleia here, just wanted to hear some thoughts on this little video I made. Its my first time ever playing with video computer stuff like this so please dont be too critical!

Anyhow, this video is a slideshow of my experiences at the best BJJ Camp out there today

The Alliance BJJ Camp held every year in beautiful Buzios Brazil. World Class instruction, amazing hospitaility, beautiful scenery (beaches/mountains/bundas) and the best time

From what Im told there are still a couple spots left for the upcoming camp this summer in July so check out the website and get ahold of Jacare ASAP if you wanna come. Dont delay call today. Check out the website for all the info:


You wont regret it

Heres the video





-Romero JACARE Cavalcanti- Head Instructor of the World Champion Alliance Team in Brazil and the powerhouse U.S. based team as well. instructor of: the Vieira Brothers Ricardo and Lenardo, Rodrigo Comprido Medeiros, Alexandre Paiva, Fabio Gurgel, Roberto Traven, Bull Shaw, Jeff Joslin, Roger Brooking, and many more.recent inductee into the Grappling Hall of Fame

-Ricardo Vieira- 7x World Champion, 6x Brazilian Champion, and Brazil vs. Japan Cup Champion.

-Felipe ZICRO Neto-Brazilian and Pan American Medalist

-Fernando Gurgel-3rd degree black belt, multiple times Brazilian Champion, multiple times Rio State Champion, Master World Champion.

Also, with both previous camps, there have been many drop in Instructors who came to teach as guest as part of the camp such as: Alexandre Paiva, Anderson Sarruco Xavier, Otavio Ratinho and more....

-The camp will be from July 18, 2006 to July 24, 2006

-Transportation to and from the Rio De Janeiro Airport to the camp site, food, accomidations, training and AN AWESOME TIME!

-The camp is in a beautiful little city called Buzios. Buzios is a place to get away from the busy streets of Rio and other places and just RELAX! It has some amazing beaches and is considered one of the top places to surf in Brazil. The night life in Buzios is amazing too as any camp veteran can tell you. The centro or little town in Buzios has a ton of little shops and stores as well as the best restaurants in Brazil Also, all of the instructors at the camp are fluent in English so no translations will be needed.

The total cost for the Alliance camp, if registered in advance, is $999 (a deposit of $199 is required to reserve a spot). This includes meals, transportation while at the camp, lodging, and of course training with the best instructors in the world.

Don't miss out on this opportunity to train in the homeland of BJJ with some of the best BJJ practitioners in the world. Space is limited, so, call 404-843-0606 to find out how you can reserve your spot today!

Here are some testimonials from past Camp veterans

"The Alliance BJJ Camp was a great experience that allowed me to train with some of the best black belts in the world right before the Mundials in Rio de Janeiro. I would never have had such a great experience if Jacare Cavalcanti had not adopted me while in Brazil. He made it possible for me to train as hard as I wanted in Buzios at the camp and then made absolutely sure I was taken care of in Rio for the time leading up to the Mundials. He helped me learn so much about my game and then coached me when I needed it the most. Thank you Jacare, and thanks to everybody at the Alliance camp last summer!"
Katrina A. Weilbacher PARAGONBJJ (Santa Barbara) ***On a side note, a week after Katrina completed the camp, she went on to win the womens blue belt title at the world BJJ Championships (mundials)!

"The Alliance camp at Buzios had the best of both worlds. A place where one could go to totally to focus on there training, avoid any distractions and also have a lot of fun. Jacare made us all feel at home and apart of his family while making us train hard and experience jiu-jitsu training like never before. I highly recommend the camp to anyone, from a beginner or the advanced level grappler who wants to train hard in a beautiful atmosphere with one of jiu-jitsus elite coaches."

Riccardo "BALEIA" Ammendolia
2004 Copa Osvaldo Alves Champion
2X Canadian Jiu-jitsu Champion

"As a beginner in the sport of BJJ, I had no idea of what to expect at your camp. Everything from the 10-day camp in the ocean-side town of Buzios to attending the world championships at Rio was first class. I would recommend the experience to anyone of any level involved in the grappling arts. Since coming home, I often think back to the great time we all had in Brazil. I am looking forward to attending your next camp."

Jurgen Rudolph Ontario/Canada)

"The camp was great, I had been training for about 3 months and it really solidified my love for jiu jitsu. I met people from other countries and got to train on beautiful beaches, I strongly recommend it."

Karen Miller

Awesome beaches, great people, and the finest techniques and training available are what you can expect at the Alliance camp. The camp is a great way to experience Brazil without worrying about the minute to minute details of traveling, eating, lodging and training. Jacare does an excellent job of directing the camp and leading a team of top notch instructors. Just an unbelievable experience!!
Josh Johnson
Luiz Palhares Brown Belt

"Without a doubt, attending last years Alliance Camp in Buzios Brazil was one of the most magical experiences of my life. Training with world champions, making incredible new friends and experiencing the beaches and beauty of this very special place, will be a memory I will always cherish. Regardless of your belt or skill level, you must go to this camp. There is no other camp in the world you can go and get this level of training along with such amazing scenery and culture."
- Ed Kennedy (Atlanta, Georgia)






Man, it looks like a great time!