2006 Awards??

So who's your picks for the awards this year??

National League:

MVP--Albert Pujols (.331, 49, 137). Ryan Howard (.313, 58, 149) is a tempting pick, based on what he did after Abreu was shipped out. But Pujols put up monster numbers despite missing all that time. Lance Berkman (.315, 45, 136) should finish a distant third.

Cy Young--Roy Oswalt (15-8, 2.98). Webb (16-8, 3.10) and Carpenter (15-8, 3.09) will get a lot of well-deserved consideration, but Oswalt went 6-0 in his last 8 starts with a 2.22 ERA and was the NL Pitcher of the Month in September, while the other two struggled down the stretch. I would think that this is the deciding factor, since the big stats are so similar for all 3.

Rookie of the Year--Hanley Ramirez (.292, 17 HR, 119 R) had a very good year for an up-and coming team. A couple of other Marlins (Uggla and maybe Anibal Sanchez) should get votes.

Comeback Player of the Year--Carlos Beltran. Had a disastrous first year in NY with nagging injuries. Was a good MVP pick up until late August. Nosemar would be my #2 choice.

American League:

MVP--I say Derek Jeter, because he led NY to the best record in baseball (tied w/ the Mets, anyways) despite injuries to Matsui and Sheffield, and the Yankees' spotty pitching. Almost won the batting title, and scored 118 runs while driving in 97.

Cy Young--Johan Santana kicked everybody's ass again. Got the pitching triple crown (Wins, ERA, Strikeouts). I'd put either Halladay or Wang as a distant second.

Rookie of the Year--Justin Verlander (17-9, 3.63). This kid is the real deal.

Comeback player of the year--Frank Thomas is a pretty good choice.

Agreed with all your AL picks.

Agreed with all except AL MVP, should go to Morneau.

mvps - Howard & Ortiz. both guys meant more to their teams than any other player in the league. Howard showed it when abreu was dealt off. Ortiz proved his value to the sox with all of his walkoff hits this year and would have ended up with 60 homers if manny decided not to sit out the last month of the season.

even with the injuries to sheff & matsui the Jeter still had Damon hitting infront of him, arod & giambi behind him. Jeter had a great year no doubt, but you could still argue that both arod and giambi had better offensive years.

Dude if Uggla doesn't win ROY, then there is no justice. Look at the numbers he put up as a 2nd baseman. He is the future of the Marlins, not Ramirez.

Carpenter gets the nod because his team went to the postseason.

They went to the postseason, sure. And while they were trying to avoid the biggest collapse in years, their ace took the hill and got SHELLED his last two starts. He probably would have had it locked up if he hadn't lost his last two, giving up 12 earned in 15 innings.