2006 Mundial Masters & Seniors

2006 Mundial Masters & Seniors

Anyone know when (as in exact date, if it's been decided) and where (yes, Rio, but where in Rio) and the bus lines that will go there from Avenida Copacabana.

That's right.


This place is better than the OG. Well done.

I dont think they have released the exact dates yet, but it is usually in the last week of August.

Dont take the bus there if you are staying in Copacabana. The event is always held at the Tijuca Tenis Clube, so you can take the subway there (Tijuca stop) from Copa and it is cheap, quick, and easy. Once you exit the subway it is a really short walk (maybe a block or two) to the Tenis Clube. Just follow the other guys with their gis in their hands.

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I'll be there with my buddy Rick Sparks. Was going this year but had visa problems and could not get it done in time. But i will be there in 06 for sure!!!!

Andre, thanks, that would be great if true. Tijuca Tenis Clube is easy to get to by subway or bus, both. But if memory serves the Mundial Masters & Seniors was held in Ilha do Governador, over by the aiport international. At least in 1999. If it has become to be held at Tijuca Tenis Clube that would be very convenient.

it was held at the tennis club this year.

it was held at the Tenis Clube the year I was there (2 years ago)... I think that is the location this year, as well.

That's good news. Thanks.

Thanks for the update. This is good news.

I think its around 8/30 of every year and it's usually at Tijuca Tennis Clube which is right next to the Saens Pena stop(final stop) on the Metro (subway) which starts in Copacabana. Very easy to get there from Copa.