2006 NJ Freestyle Sambo Open

Hi All,

I am proud to announce that we will be holding the 2006 NJ Open for Freestyle Sambo (formerly the Garden State Sambo Games) at GHK Promotions NJ Open in Rahway, NJ on May 21st.

It will be a B division freestyle sambo rules tournament open to all sambo, judo, bjj, and wrestlers. Like all sambo events, there is no division breakdown by experience...only weight and age.

Keep checking www.battleattheboardwalk.com or www.ghkpromotions.com for registration information. This is hot off the presses so the info is not up there yet. Anyone who wants to read the rules can visit www.ussambo.com

I should also inform you that the American Sambo Association is now going to use the B Division rules for all open tournements and the A division rules for elite tournament, main events, or superbouts only. This eliminates our old experience level divisions. This change will soon be reflected on our website rules section as well.


How much does two kurtka and a pair of sambo shoes cost. Will a supplier be selling at the event?

I might have a few guys interesting in fighting.

Shoot me an e-mail and I will send you an order form. skoepfer@nyc.rr.com

There are several sources for kurtka besides me...

Lance Campbell and Club Kozak on this forum also sell them.

I am just about out of size 4 and 5 but, have plenty of size 3 and 6. Ther are $65 each.  For this event you can wear sambo or wrestling shoes. We don't sell sambo shoes but Club Kozak does. Vald Koulikov at Ultimate Sambo also does. RMAX.TV grappling shoes are OK too.

I just got the sample from our new kurtka supplier but, I won't have them by tournament time.

We will have kurtka at the event, but can't guarantee your size - only the sizes I listed above. It the other wish to contact us about a table, they are absolutely welcome!

www.ambersports.com has sombofki for $20. I bought a
pair and they are fine. I figure I can go through
three pair for what they cost elsewhere. I do confess
that the other sources are probably better quality. I
was, however, pleasantly surprised when they arrived.
I don't think they have larger sizes available though.

I just wanted to comment on some e-mails I have recieved regarding the elimination of our two experience level division system used for the last two years...

It has always been the standard in sambo to have no divisions by experience level. Everyone enters the same pool. However, the last three open tournaments we ran, we did offer two experience levels in hope of bringing in more people. But, we did not get enough athletes to fill both divisions and have ended up combining divisions with the more restricted B Division rules anyway.
Rather than do this again, we are going with what we have ended up doing for the last two years naturally. More limited rules and no experience levels. I should say that in the sambo community this is nothing new. If in the future we start getting better turn outs, which I hope we do with all the press we have been getting, maybe we can add experience levels again in the future. For now however, I would rather be up front than have to surprise people with combinig divisions on tournament day. This way people know what they are entering up front.
This is why we have decided to use the B division rules for open tournaments and A division rules for the Elite tournaments, main events, and superfights.

If you need gear info@clubkozak.com


I cannot wait for this. =)

Hey Steve, will the duration of the match follow B rules?

Igor Yamikov can supply kurtka email him at sombocanada@hotmail.com

yes...4 minutes

Kurtka are $50ea, shorts included.Shoes are $39.
Typo on my website.Not 53 or 40.


Thanks for helping out Lucas :o) He just bought 10 sets from you.

No prob!Hope one day to get down to one of your events!

I will definitely be at this tournament. It should be a lot of fun. Steve always puts on great events.




Registration forms, rules, location, and other information can now be downloaded here:



Are a jiu-jitsu kimono, regular athletic shorts and wrestling shoes okay for competition? I've been meaning to do one of these for a long time now and I always miss them.