2007 Chev Camaro?

I don't know if this is old news or not but thought I would post anyway.

I came across some computer generated concepts of the new Camaro, it looks pretty sweet. I will e-mail them to anyone that can host and post them.

It is a retro design a la the new Mustang, and I am sure they will throw an LS2 in it which will make sweet power. I have also read that the firebird is going to stay dead which might upset some f-body guys.

I am going to be looking for a new ride right about the time this bad boy is scheduled to come out, I am gonna be keeping a close eye on this car.

Again, if someone leaves their e-mail I will send the pics!

We can only hope.


You have mail!

Thanks big_slacker!

IMO that concept looks badass! I really hope they go ahead with this car and offer some direct competition to the mustang guys. If they do it I hope they do it right though, they need to make a relatively light and nimble car with big hp and great performance ( not to mention a decent interior) for reasonable cost.

It's time for the North American auto makers to step up and start offering more in the way of performance cars, they have been taking a backseat for too long and hopefully we are beginning to see some steps in the right direction.

that looks fucking sweet Jonwell!!! wtf>?

does it come in yellow with T-Tops?

I'm glad you guys like this concept, I have heard that this version is very close to the concepts GM is using.

I think this car would definitely be a hit and truly hope they complete this project. Now that I think about it though the LS2 is not really forced induction friendly (high compression) so maybe they will look at a different powerplant so all the modaholics will have something to tinker with. A 427 C5R block would be nice!

That car is bad. this whole retro thing is a good idea i think. The older cars look so much better than the new ones. they had much better lines.

Nice, I like it.

If Chevy builds this car, they will bring me over to the bow-tie side, and I've been a Mustang guy for a long time.

The first generation camaros are my favorite cars.

I have read on a bunch of forums that these images represent almost exactly what GM is toying with.

Very nice. I agree that Detroit going back to its muscle car roots styling wise is a good thing.

I like these.


that is a sweet looking car.