2007 Draft

I havent watched a lot of amatuer hockey this year - so im not that familiar with the players in this years draft ...

is it a deep draft at all? top heavy? and besides the leafs picking the steal of the draft at 13 - who will some of the other sleepers be?

btw - the bruins pick 8 and over the last 15 years the 8th pick hasnt turned out so great

lol @ the leaves draft pick.

I know they've yet to pick, but I am sure it will be a real shit bomb.


didnt you hear? the laffs always get the steal of the draft

well you sure didn't have any problem taking one of our gem 1st rounders for piece of garbage Raycroft, which we would like back

The Leafs will do quite well once again with their draft picks and continue to add to the depth of young talent we have that will win us a cup.



Its considered a weak draft this year. No superstar talent and the top picks are a toss up. Kane, Voracek, Turris, Alzner, Van Riemsdyk and Cherepanov have been considered the top six for a while now but where they actually go is anyone's guess. The U18 tourny is going on right now so there is still time for rankings to change. According to Kyle Woodlief (Redline Report), "Its a bad year to be a bad team." Really makes me happy as a Kings fan :(. I'm expecting that the Kings end up with either Alzner, who projects as a top 4, rock steady dman, or JVR a young powerforward in the making. Hopefully our GM just trades down.

2008 is supposed to be a sick draft.

thats what i heard a while ago ... thanks

I like chereponov, any team that needs speed and offense should take him.

VR is a solid player too, Smart kid good vision makes plays constantly

No real Franchise player in this draft but a lot of dept

If no trades are made prior to ... I hope the beloved Oilers use the 6 slot to get S Gagner out of London. Kid is cant miss.

For the habs at 12 everybody is talking about esposito but personnaly i will pick Zach Hamill or Lars Eller .. The problem they need a D so they will probably pick Shattenkirk or Ellerby