2007 Joslin's Canadian Open

The Joslin's Canadian Open will be held once again in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada on Saturday November 10,2007 and Sunday November 11, 2007. Last years event had nearly 600 competitors from Across Canada and the United States.

Children compete on Saturday afternoon/evening and all adults compete on Sunday.

Customized Joslin Canadian Open Championship belts will be awarded to ALL DIVISION WINNERS!.

There are divisions for men, women and children. Gi and no-gi categories are separated into three experience levels Beginner (under a year), Intermediate (1-3 years), and Advanced (3+ years).

New for this year: -Competitors will weight in at matside IMMEDIATELY before their first match. -Children compete Saturday, Adults on Sunday -Online registration available at www.joslinskarate.com

For the event flyer, or more information visit our website at www.joslinskarate.com or contact Jeff Joslin at 905-383-3539.


Would you consider having Brazilian Jiu Jitsu belt levels rather than 3 divisions?

Yeah the 'years experience' method just leads to sandbagging. Belt levels are the way to go.

We are looking into having belt divisions in next years event (2008). It's something we are definitely excited about. Thanks for the feedback.

Any chance of having an absolute+cash prize like the Bravado tourney?

Should be a big tourney cant wait!

so there will be no weighins before the tournament at all? what happens if a competitor does not make the required weight matside?

I'd wager to guess that the competitor who did weigh in successfully would either recieve a new opponent or a bye & the other person would have to forfeit. With a possiblity of being able to compete in the division that is suitable for them.

Every competitor should make sure they know there exact weight with their GI/No-Gi clothing on. If you don't make weight ringside just before your first match then you are simply not competing. Jumping up to the next weight category is too confusing/will happen way to much for organizers to deal with/that division could already be running etc....

Simple facts are you need to know your weight with clothing on prior to stepping on the scales seconds before your match, you don't make weight you are simply not competing in that discipline (GI/No-Gi).

If your opponent doesn't make weight I assume you get a bye or will fight a person who was about to get a bye due to odd number of persons in division.

Remember those competing GI & No-Gi wil have to weigh in twice. Ringside right before their first Gi match and again right before their first No-Gi match.

This will hopefully limit peoples ability to cut to much weight and make it a more equal playing field for all competitors.

This also makes it easier for person coming from out of town, now they can pre-register online and not worry about being there at 8am for weigh ins.

Definitely a step in the right direction.

(This is info I got from speaking from someone long ago from Joslins- I COULD BE TOTALLY WRONG)

Wiley i think ur right on with ur info. When i spoke to Mr Joslin the other day he also metioned that there is a 7 lb allowance for Gi and 1 lb for No GI. He also stated that there will be scales at the reg table when they come so the competitors can quickly check their weight.


Hey bro,

What about old men's division? Master, Seniors...

Take care.

Ben Meireles


TTT for the Joslin event. I look forward to reffing there.





ttt for this tournament


TTT for a Master division.