2007 N. Am. Freestyle Sambo Chmps

ON OCTOBER 7, 2007

July, 2007 / New York, NY, USA… The American Sambo Association brings you the 2007 NORTH AMERICAN FREESTYLE SAMBO CHAMPIONSHIPS! This OPEN amateur tournament will be held at Rahway Recreation Center in Rahway, New Jersey, USA on October 7, 2007. Amateur competitions in B Division American Sambo Association Freestyle Sambo™ Rules will be open to all amateur competitors throughout the world. This will mark the fourth year that this annual event will take place. This event is open to members of any sambo, judo, wrestling, or jujitsu organization. American Sambo Association membership is not required. American Sambo Association members do receive a registration discount.

The Fourth Annual NORTH AMERICAN FREESTYLE SAMBO CHAMPIONSHIPS will feature THE FINALS OF THE ASA 2007 FREESTYLE SAMBO LEAGUE with finalists Team Empire or Rochester, NY going up against Team Renegade of Long Island, NY. The event will also host the presentation of the annual PIONEERS OF AMERICAN SAMBO award. For anyone interested in the martial arts, the 2007 NORTH AMERICAN FREESTYLE SAMBO CHAMPIONSHIPS should not be missed. This is where the ‘stars of tomorrow’ will begin their trek.

Honor the Pioneers of American Sambo

This award is intended to recognize individuals who have made great strides towards supporting Sambo in the United States. Nominees for this year’s award include: James “Chico” Hernandez, Stephen Koepfer, Jack Kogan, Dayn DeRose, Jason Gabrielson, and Scott Anderson, This year’s winner will be voted in by all active ASA members. All nominees have been based upon several criteria including 1) Competition history; 2) Promotion of Sambo in the US; 3) Literature contributions; 4) Popularization of Sambo in the US; 5) Character attributes that represent the best of our sport; 6) Notable achievements in US Sambo; 7) Any other honorable contributions you may feel appropriate. Be sure to come see who wins this year!

Event Location

Rahway Recreation Center is a newly built sports facility complete with, showers, locker rooms, and a food court. It is conveniently located only 15 minutes from Newark International Airport (by car) and five minutes from the event hotel, the Hampton Inn Linden, which will provide shuttle van service to and from the event and airport. In addition, the Rahway Amtrak station is located at the event center offering only a 30-minute train ride to Manhattan! Its close proximity to the airport and New York City makes this venue a prime location for this type of event.

The host hotel for the 2007 NORTH AMERICAN FREESTYLE SAMBO CHAMPIONSHIPS is the Hampton Inn - Linden, New Jersey location.

For competitor registration forms and general information, call the American Sambo Association at (718) 728-8054; e-mail requests to americansamboassociation@att.net; or visit www.ussambo.com to download all information (coming soon).

Official letters of invitation will be provided to all international and domestic teams by request only. To make inquiries by mail, the address is:

PO Box 5773
Long Island City, New York
11105 USA.

If your business or school would be interested in sponsoring this landmark event, please contact the American Sambo Association for more details




Get ready to roll at the 2007 North American Freestyle Sambo Championships!

All forms and travel information are also downloadable at http://ussambo.com/upcoming_events_b.html

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We'll be bringing a team this year for sure. Our hotel is booked.

Chris they gonna do the tourney too?

they better =)

we have at least 5-6 people entering the tourney from team renegade.

Should be a good turnout this year!

There are about 5-6 Canadians coming as well. I think this year will be our biggest yet.

three days to pre-register!

Potential news...

I am working with MMA Today to possibly get this event aired on Russian Television!

More news as it develops...

"I am working with MMA Today to possibly get this event aired on Russian Television!"

You mean channel 12 in Brooklyn? LOL

That's awesome news Steve, I better bring my A game.

Not Brooklyn...In Russia...LOL


2 competitors from Club Kozak.

We got a total of about 5-6 Canadians coming!

I should be bringing around 10 guys

That's awesome Chris. How many in 211?

under 211-2 (would have been 3 but one re-aggrivated a sepperated shoulder injury he got a few months back, last night)

over 211-2

10 guys...sweet.

I have 3 guys, Rengade has 5 or 6, Chico Hernandez is coming from Maine, Serge Gerlach from California, a few other locals I know as well. Some of the folks from the USAW US team have said they are attempting to come up from Florida. The usual clubs will be there as well (Dayn Derose, Vlad Koulikov, and others). Looks to be a good turn out this year!!

Mike, any more guys from Tatarkin's group coming?