2007 stock market - good or bad?

Will next year be good, average or bad for the stock market?

It'll be interesting to watch the next few years with so many variables:

-huge increase in retiring baby boomers

-multiple conflicts in the middle east which could escalate at any given moment

-increasingly destructive weather and natural disasters

-disturbingly fast growth in India and China, no one seems to know if this'll turn out to be good or bad for the US. (If nothing else, I think it'll definately affect materials prices pretty dramatically at some point.)

-the threat of Bird Flu which could, and eventually probably will, infect US poultry farms and cause dramatic rises in poultry, and all meat, prices

-Britney Spears divorcing K-Fed

and so many more..

I have $10K i'm trying to invest as we speak, i'm thinking international and healthcare stocks, at least for the short term.

Healthcare you say?


cause of the baby boomers retiring, obviously!

Invest in funeral homes!

i would play the healthcare market as a funk
not as indivual stock..

overall sector is bound to do good..

market is a little over priced now, saving up cash for the late jan. feb fall