2007 UG Awards

With all of the award shows(Guys choice-Spike)on tv and the recent threads about biggest troll and least amount of posts etc...I think we need an annual UG awards thread. We need some topics and some nominees!

Biggest troll

Most hated/admired UGer

Best/worst thread

Internet challenges

Least/most posts

Best GIF/romo

Dont forget most gay post.

Would that fall under the "worst thread" category or "Hardknuckler?"

this would actually be funny. the winn of each section would get a GOLD name.

hmmm, and mdevil19 is a humdinger I must say!


Dont forget most annoying noob.

Looks like I'm on my way to a gold name with gayest screenname!

double post

^^^ Thanks Fletch!

^^^^^ Wins qoute of the year. Give this man a GOLD name!

"it is alot cooler to be cool than to be a dick"

I get official credit for GOLD name award!

how about we wait for the other half of the year to go by?...

-EvilMaster- 2006 UGer of the year.

Heres for a comeback song idea for Hammer.

Holy shit! Capnsavem and EvilMaster posted on my thread. All I need is Kirik and OMA and this threads going PLATINUM.

Capn who is in the running for:

UGer of the year

Biggest troll

Worst thread

Best UG Challenge

UGer you would like to meet

Most creative name

Best looking UGer (need pics) for verification

and any others you can think of!

well you gotta put most admired UGer into sections. One for fighters, and the other for non-fighters. Cause the fighters will always win a popularity contest. Elvis, Lauzon, etc are gonna be more admired than some good posters on here. I love the idea of this if we could all vote on it and give our nominees and shit.