2007 USKBA Worlds - Oct 26-27-28

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Which day is the Muay Thai ?

We should have the full schedule out by tomorrow

Ed, can you tell me who will be coordinating the sambo division?

ttt fer more news :)

Our Sambo division will be run by USKBA International rep Gene Fabricant


Thaiboxing prelim Sat ... finals Sunday

Thanks Ed, this is going to be my first time competing at this event and Im really excited.

So I guess they will be doing straight "sport" sambo, Sambosteve I think is doing a "free style" sambo event the same month but earlier enough that people can do both, should be a good month then for sambo

Yes, good month for sambo it is.

Our is October 7th...freestyle sambo.

We also have Freestyle Sambo at the October 20th Battle of Brooklyn as usual.

I will bring some guys to the sport sambo event at USKBA.

Vlad koulikov has a sport sambo event in November as well.


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