2007 - Year in Review

We had awards, but not really a year in review for Westside 2007. What all did we accomplish?

-Upgraded gym from 1200 sq feet to 8000 sq feet.

-Membership grew exponentially.

-2 very successful fight shows.

-2 very successful grappling tournaments.

-Got a ring.

-Got a cage.

-Arkansas' first Pan American gold medalist.

-Over 200 grappling wins.

-Over 20 (?) MMA wins.

-Arkansas' first nationally televised MMA fighter.

...Add to the list!

I went 2-0 against brownbelts from outside the school.

That makes me happy.


arkansas first nationally televised MMA fighter

been kickboxers do it before

hillary watch it. we dont boast accomplishments that would put down others. the leprachaun will get you. We are a happy tribe

That about sums it up. It was a great year.

I bet Max had close to a hundred mma wins!

Lost the number 1 state forum spot to the HG

Be careful man. We could easily recruit some of the trolls from the OG and take that #1 spot back.

And good lord... 200 grappling wins? Is that the best you guys can do?

....says the troll......

...says the... ah, fuck it.

Here's my additional list:

-learned the "crotch-ripper"
-ate fish tacos
-FUBARed shoulder courtesy of Smiley-Dave (and didn't even get a complimentary oil-change!)

punched horak in the gut. Can't remember much else that was fun this year. not really, great year and I have the scars to prove it.

hillary you met me ,all else is nothing compared to that.

I thought I met you in 06?