2008 Army Combatives Championship

So far, we have 275 fighters registered. 140 and 170 look tough this year. But as usual, 205 is packed! Should be a good tournament. All I can say is that reffing is going to be a bitch! No unauthorized fights this year, ok? ("You see that? That's the face of a loser!" by Westrich))

LOL -- that "loser" was our boy Raymond! He should get that trademarked and make shirts.

It was well worth it IMO. Raymond=controversy

It is going to be a bitch for everyone! Crazy.

Bach is in 140. 170 is the weight class to watch

need more refs?

Brackets are DONE!!! I hope nobody messes it up. 346 fighters, 523 Standard rules matches, 28 Intermediate rules and 14 Advanced rules. Its going to be awesome!! Especially for us refs. Who wants to know who they are fighting first?

Good job getting the brackets done already, you're on the ball. It's going to be a fun weekend. I'm pretty excited.

I'll be there with the unit from Guam. See you there.

can you tell me who ssg portillo (fort jackson) and ssg stewart (fort jackson) will be fighting?

How about SPC Robert Pineiro and SGT Cody Brill in the 155 lb class.