The Joslin’s Canadian Open Grappling Championships will be once again held in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada on Saturday November 7th and Sunday November 8th, 2009.

On Saturday competitors will compete in the Gi competition and the No-Gi divisions will be run on Sunday.

Customized Canadian Open championship belts will be awarded to the winners of each one of our 142 divisions.

In addition to this year’s event being split into a two day event, there are many other additions including:

• Junior No-Gi divisions in addition to their Gi divisions
• Overall Team Awards
• Online Registration
• All Junior competitors will receive an award!
• Master Divisions for competitors ages 30+

In 2008, the Joslin’s Canadian Open event attracted nearly 800 competitors from across Canada and the United States.

The event is taking place at Sherwood High School which is located at 25 High Street in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada.

To register online or for more information please visit www.joslinsmartialarts.com


FILA rules?

keyword "Grappling"

GTAbadboy2 - FILA rules?

keyword "Grappling"

lol no they're very similar to IBJJF rules, if not identical.

Cant wait!

Are the weight classes the exact ones on the website or is there going to be an allowance in the gi again like last year?

The "with gi on" weights are all 4 pounds heavier than the no-gi weights, so that is probably your allowance right there.

Nice, another BJJ competition. Are the belt divisions going to be used this year as well?

The weights listed for the adult gi divisions are the weights they have to make with the gi on.

We are using the beginner, intermediate and advanced divisions again this year. The flyer can be downloaded at www.joslinsmartialarts.com.

So just to be clear there are no weight allowances?

Correct. The weights listed for Adults, Masters and Women's Gi and No-Gi divisions are the weights that need to be made (with gi on for Saturday or with no gi gear on for the Sunday.)

Can't wait will be awesome again this year am sure

On-site registration?

Yes, you can either pre-register or register the morning of the tournament. We have a large staff ready to take care of on-site registrants and those that already pre-registered.

Pre-registration can be done at www.joslinsmartialarts.com (Canadian open section). You'll receive discounts on pricing and event t-shirt pricing by doing so.

Many additions and improvements have been make for this year's event.

Heard have made alot of changes for the better. Going to give out belts at the ring, added divisions and they are going to have team points which will make it exciting for the many clubs that will be there. Can't wait to see how it goes

what are you guys doing if there ends up being no one in a division you enter(mainly female divisions)... Will you guys end up combining some divisions or will you give refunds? Thanks


Any info on which divisions are first? Advanced, intermediate or beginners, also will masters be run before the adult divisions?

Koc,Masters will be first, followed by adv, then intermediate then beginner.


If there is no one in the division you can grab the belt as champ, potentially move to another division if possible or we can refund your money.

When is the latest time at which you can register (for adult divisions), if you are registering on the day of the event?