2009 New Arrivals Thread!!!

 Just received the all new Renzo Gracie LEGACY DVD. This is available now in our Hamilton store and will be up online later today! This DVD is amazing will give you a really cool insight not only into the Gracie Family, but what it was like to fight for PRIDE or ADCC or IFL. This is a must have for any MMA/BJJ fan!

Legacy was an awesome dvd.

The Legacy DVD is a must watch for any MMA/BJJ fan!!! Renzo is on a diff level when speaking about fighting lol. Was well worth my $19.50 when i bought it online.

Yes, this DVD is great. Awesome footage of Renzo/Ryan sparring. Some funny stories from Renzo/Relson.Some very cool little Rickson moments. And of course some Ralph....the scary one. They even have some backstage stuff from when Renzo got into that brawl in Rio fighting Eugenio Tadeu.



BRAND NEW Shoyoroll Competition Gi


This is the newest and most talked about BJJ Gi to emerge from the California grappling scene.
Available exclusively at FIGHT PLANET
Stop by the SalvosaBJJ tournament this weekend to check them out as well
as the other styles available (White with Black collar, White with Grey Collar)

Oooh...I like the rubberized collar and the extra belt loops...

 Hey guys, we at FIGHT PLANET have seen alot of  new things come out on the market lately. Some stuff very cool and some stuff thats well....pretty lame.
So, we got some new stuff at our stores that doesnt make you look like a tough guy fighter, but also shows that you love Jiu-jitsu....if thats your thing, that is!
We got some cool MMA stuff coming too

Also, get the official t-shirt of the Abu Dhabi Trials, available exclusively at FIGHT PLANET


That Jack Daniels inspired BJJ tee is sick!!

 No "Fateh's Fight Club" t-shirts yet?

Dougie, maybe we can make a cross promo Fight Planet/Fate Fight Club tee or something........or not




 Rowan, should I post some pics? LOL!



Just came back from the fight planet london store.Picked up a nice OTM gi for my oldest boy and a couple of t-shirts for me.

Just want to say thanks to Ric and Rowan for always treating me great.