2010-19 IFR for the common flu

2010 .18%

2011 .13%

2012 .13%

2013 .13%

2014 .17%

2015 .10%

2016 .13%

2017 .14%

2018 .10%

World Health Organization IFR estimnate for the CHINESE VIRUS .13%


A few considerations:

Flu has a vaccine, doesnt that reduce deaths (milder illness if exposed and infected due to flu vaccine?) , thus the IFR for the flu would be higher without a vaccine.

CHINESE VIRUS deaths are overcounted, likely significantly thus reducing the IFR further.

Average age of death of a person with the CHINESE VIRUS is 78. Average age of death in the US in 78.

94% of the people who died had multiple co-morbidities.

So, it seems the FLU is MORE deadly than the CHINESE VIRUS.

Lets move on.