2010 NY OPEN

Signed up for the NY Open a few weeks ago for the weight class up to 207lbs. I realized now that I'd much rather be in the 207-220lbs bracket, more competitors, no weight cut involved. I've been sending emails to ibjjf@ibjjf.org for the past 2 weeks. Probably sent 4 emails, no response. My name is up in the up to 207lb bracket. Ive tried emailing in Porugese and English. Anyone have any advice as to how to contact someone to make a change soon. Comp. is on May 1st.

They will probably change it at the last minute.

e-mail them with subject: corrections/changes

 Corrections by e-mail:

The athletes can send one e-mail with changes on the registration, by sending a email to ibjjf@ibjjf.org with the subject 'NEW YORK OPEN CORRECTION'. The deadline is April 27, 5PM pst.