2011 mtc results ?

Does anyone hav results from this tournament?

Here is link to all the fights from both days of competition.


Blue Namer Please!!! and Thank You

Bye the way Awsome girl fight at 49 min of this video in the bottom left hand corner. The loser of the fight's name is Andrea Watson, She had a bad weight cut and didn't make her weight. She's switching to MMA. Watch out! They go over the ropes a couple of times


The TBA muay thai classic? Two of the guys I train with brought back B-Division belts. I think I jumped out of my seat in the break room and yelled "YES!" at work, when I found out.

yes, its the TBA Muay Thai classic. congrats to your partners

Thanks man. I hope that I can go compete, myself, next year.

Subscribed for later. Thanks for posting!