2013 Chevy AC compressor stopped working

Help me out with some advice, OG brethren. Thanks

trade it in

before summer

Check and see if a bypass belt is available...if so change belt, bypassing ac compressor.

Change ac compressor later on.



Is the compressor clutch not activating?  If not, is it being signaled to do so (12-volts tested with a multimeter at the clutch wire)?


You can also momentarily run a 12-volt jumper wire to positively engage the clutch, to determine if the clutch is the problem.


If no 12-volts at the wire, then is the system pressure too low?  If it is too low, then there is a binary (or trinary if you have electric fans) switch that will block the 12-volt signal.  You'll have to add some refrigerant if that is the case (use gauges, don't over pressurize, and find the leak).

I gather you dont have gauges? Therefor...go to shop, get A/C diagnostic with estimate.

as indicated above....the compressor will fail to start if it is low on refrigerant. This is because you have a leak somewhere be it a bad hose (beep), seal, or valve.

Sometimes Its a fuse.