2013 HBO Hard Knocks air date - Aug 6 - Bengals

Found this on football nation, re: top 10 reasons to watch. Personally I like watching the face time the coordinators get on the show so I will have an interest in watching Zimmer.

1. Giovani Bernard. Bernard will be the best running back of this draft class. Whether it is running the ball between tackles or catching passes in play action, Bernard will be a true star.

2. AJ Green. Grace like Steve Largent and skills like Terrell Owens. Green will be the best wide receiver in the NFL in three years.

3. It’s Cincinnati. Seriously, there has not been a series or show about this part of Ohio since “WKRP in Cincinnati.”

4. Pranks. You know there will be plenty practical jokes going around. You know the rookies will be hazed and there will be some really outrageous stuff that goes on.

5. Mike Zimmer. As far as assistant coaches go, Mike Zimmer, the team’s defensive coordinator may be the most underrated assistant coach in the NFL. He gets the most out of this talented group.

6. James Harrison. Known for his hard hitting and his demeanor, Harrison was a Steeler last year. This season he plays within the division and against his former team twice.

7. Vontaze Burfict. He was an undrafted rookie last season and was one of the best players on the team. This year his intensity could land him in the Pro Bowl.

8. Marvin Lewis. As odd as this seems, I am going to make a prediction about Lewis. The Bengals could make the playoffs and lose in the first round and the team could cut ties with him. There has to be more than a one and done situation here.

9. Reggie Nelson. If he is ever implicated in anything having to do with Aaron Hernandez, this could get interesting. Even if it is discussion about his days at Florida.

10. Andy Dalton. Seriously, how often do you get to see a red-headed quarterback throw a pass in the NFL?

2. LOL @ Green ever being better than Calvin Johnson.... unless Johnson mysteriously retires in 3 years, this is false. 


3. Um.... didn't they do a Hard Knocks in Cincy just a few years ago??? 


I love Hard Knocks, so I will watch, but I just had to LOL @ those 2. 

You are correct, they did do it in 2009 with the Bengals. I did not vet the content, just pasted it off football nation as I do not follow the Bengals and thought some insight to the season would be interesting for the thread.

I'm indifferent toward the Bengals but I'll be watching...

As yoooosh.

It will be nice to have them covering a quality team this year.

I'm sure they'll do some sort of redemption angle with Pacman

It seems like Pacman has already had the redemption angle on Hard Knocks...wasn't it a story line with he Cowboys a few years ago?

4 days, this show for me is the official start of football season...the intro song always gives me goosebumps.

love the show and will take what I can get, but am not thrilled HBO had to use the bengals again... teams are smart not to let HBO film their pre-season like this, but wish some other owner would break down and go for the PR...

zimmer is always good TV though... helluva coach too... was devastated he didn't take the skins offer to be the DC for shannahan...

Airs tonight!

Anyone know where I can watch it online? The only reason I wanna c it is because James Harrison is one of ny favorite players Phone Post

I just watched last year for the first time. Even if you don't give a shit about the team or players, it's a fun watch! Phone Post 3.0


Great show. I feel bad for that dude at the end. Instantly everyone on the field knew he was fucked up.

That was hard to watch.

Just watched it. James Harrison is a fucking psycho. The Oklahoma drill looked relatively tame compared to older times. You can see the emphasis on protecting players, including shutting the guy down due to the blow to the head.

I had Andrew Hawkins as my bench receiver in fantasy last year, homeboy won me some games. Seeing that horrible injury to the undrafted rookie free agent, brutal. No contract, no money, on the shelf for at least a year. Broken leg, dislocated ankle... DAMN.

I love Hard Knocks, wish every team went into the show.

Chokey Chicken - I love Hard Knocks, wish every team went into the show.

They need to do this show for the Lingerie Football League.

Week 2 tonight!

My groin is ready.

was totally wrong.. was sorta bummed they were doing the bengals again, but that first episode was one of the best I've seen...

Not too thrilled with how they are building the fringe players so far, Skelton seems like he's got a Sanchez level of QB intellect.