2013 Mundials in LBC

Next weekend. Is there someone here pretty knowledgeable about them? There's not any info on the site about competitors, or much else.

Do you know any big names that are competing? Have you been to one before? Was it fun? Anything different than a US open?

Any other info appreciated.

Im going to watch the black belts on Sun, in support of my brother's instructors, Crosley Gracie and Ryan Murphy.

Those are the Master/Seniors Worlds. Not the adult division Mundials. Its still a legit tournament and very prestigious, but it is specifically for older BJJ Players. Phone Post

The mundials was at the end of may beg honing of June and was spectacular btw, as was stated above these are the masters and seniors worlds (still an amazing comp) just ever so slightly less prestigious. Even so many if not most competing are former world champions Phone Post 3.0

Ah. So if Mundials = World Championships, what are the Masters/Seniors worlds? What is a master? Technically, of course.

Oh I see mike, older guys.