2014 World Judo Championships Day 1-Finals Block

The 2014 World Judo Championships began last night at 10:00pm Pacific.  I will be giving match descriptions and stats for not only the Finals block, but the repechage and semi-finals as well.  Today's action was -60kg and -48kg

-48kg  Repechage

Kuznetsova (RUS) defeats Csernovicki (SLO) by hansoku make.  Each of them pick up a shido at 1:29 for not taking a grip. Next exchange Kuznetsova attacks a weak seoi nage and Csernovicki tries to attack with okuri eri jime walking around. She is holding Kuznetsova's leg, but Kuznetsova has never entered into a newaza position as she has remained standing. Referee let's action continue until a mate call. Both players are standing there and referee makes the signal that Csernovicki grabbed the leg. The match ends at 2:00.

Mestre Alvarez (CUB) defeats Cherniak (UKR) by waza ari.  She scores a yuko only seven seconds into the match with drop seoi nage.  Not much else happens in the match until with 25 seconds left she counters Cherniak for waza ari. Don't know what to call it. That's how it ends, and Mestre Alvarez will face either Kondo (JPN) or her teammate Laborde (CUB) in bronze medal. She better pray its Laborde.

-48kg Semi Finals

Pareto (ARG) defeats Buchard (FRA) by waza ari.  The score comes around 1:22 into the match and looks like a sode tsuri komi goshi from my angle.  Great day for Pareto who begins it by taking out the #2 seed Lima (GBS) in their second round match.

Kondo (JPN) defeats Laborde (CUB) by ippon.  She throws her with harai goshi for waza ari and follows up immediately for the osaekomi. Laborde can't escape and the waza ari awasete ippon is called. Total match time is 56 seconds. Laborde will face her teammate Mestre Alvarez in a bronze medal match.

-48kg Bronze Medal

Buchard (FRA) defeats Kuznetsova (RUS) by yuko. It is an o uchi gari that comes around 2:02 in the match.

Laborde (CUB) defeats Mestre Alvarez (CUB) by ippon. It was tied at a shido each but Laborde catches Mestre Alvarez for yuko with a drop seoi nage and follows up for the osaekomi. The osaekomi gives her an ippon victory.

-48kg Gold Medal.

Kondo (JPN) defeats Pareto (ARG) by shidos.  It is 2-0 on the scoreboard as time runs out. Surprised there were not more fireworks in this final. Kondo becomes world champion at 19 years of age.


-60kg Repechage

Arshanski (ISR) defeats Choi (KOR) by kiken gachi when Choi does not show for their match.

Imashev (KAZ) defeats Milous (FRA) by ippon.  Milous already was down on shidos 3-0 when he attacks Imashev who counters him with o uchi gari.

-60kg Semi-final

Ganbat (MGL) defeats Papinashvili (GEO) by penalties. It is 3-2 shidos. Could probably have gone either way. But the ref's decide it goes Ganbat's way and he will go to the finals.

Mudranov (RUS) defeats Takato (JPN) by shido and controversy. Each had a yuko on the board. Mudranov drew first blood with a drop kata guruma for a yuko score about 40 seconds into the match. Takato responds with hip throw that looks like a cross between uki and o goshi at 1:13 and referee calls waza ari. The score is downgraded 18 seconds later by the side judges to yuko. It is tied. With 1:45 remaining Takato counters Mudranov for a called yuko.  This time the referees wave it off. I think they might be right. With 1:27 remaining, referee calls shido on Takato for stepping outside. Referee and judges ignore that Mudranov had done the same prior.  He is down by shido. The rest of the match Mudranov flops, doesn't take a grip and somehow avoids getting a shido called against him. Match ends, Takato shaking head in disbelief in Chelyabinsk, I am shaking my head in disbelief at my desk in Los Angeles. Feels like a homie call to me.

-60kg Bronze Medal

Papinashvili (GEO) defeats Arshanski (ISR) by waza ari. Very exciting match. Each pick up an early shido in the match. Arshanski shocks Papinashvili with a yuko score on a seoi nage/ o uchi combo around the midway point. Much of the rest of the match is great drop seo nage attacks by Arshanski and some big hip techniques and one fabulous osoto attempt from Papinashvili with both players twisting out of the score.  Arshanski picks up another shido along the way but with less than a minute to go Papinashvili picks one up after 3 consecutive drop seoinage techniques from Arshanski. With 15 seconds left, Arshanski seems to have it in the bag. Alas, he does not. Arshanski attacks with drop seoi nage with 15 seconds left but this time Papinashvili steps around and counters with yoko guruma. The attack is good and counts for a waza ari. There is nothing left for Arshanski to do but chase down Papinashvili and that is a lesson in futility. Papinashvili takes the bronze medal.

Takato (JPN) defeats Imashev (KAZ) by ippon. This one had fireworks as well.  Around 1:12 into the match Imashev counters Takato for waza ari. It looks like tani otoshi, but maybe someone can make a  good case for ko soto gake as Imashev definitely hooks the leg.  They continue in newaza and mate is called with 3:07 remaining. Time is called for an extensive time. It seems like Takato is bleeding very badly and announcers suggest some teeth might have been knocked out. They come back to the mat and Takato wastes no time chasing down Imashev who tries a hip throw, but Takato is ready to counter with what looks like ura nage and the call is ippon. The match ends with 2:56 remaining on the clock.

Ganbat (MGL) defeats Mudranov (RUS) by penalties. It is 2-1 shidos. Not a whole lot happened in this match either. Ganbat wins his first world championship.


2014 World Championships Day 1 Statistics For Repechage, Semi-Finals and Final Block

Total Matches                                                                14

Total Ippons                                                                    4

Total Waza Ari                                                                 3

Total Yuko                                                                       1

Total Shido                                                                     4

Total Hansoku Make                                                    1

Total Kiken Gachi                                                         1

Breakdown of Ippons

Total Tachiwaza                                                           2

Total Katame Waza                                                     2

Breakdown of Katame Waza

Osae Waza                                                                   2

Total Ippons by Gender

Male                                                                               2

Female                                                                         2

Breakdown of Ippons by Gender

Male Tachiwaza                                                         2

Female Osae waza                                                  2

2014 World Judo Championships Day 1 Statistics--Matches Decided by Penalties


Total Matches                                     64

Total Shido                                           6

Total Hansoku make                            7

Total Shido Pctg.                              9.4%

Total Hansoku make Pctg.              10.9%

Total Penalty Pctg.                        20.3%


Total Matches                                 37

Total Shido                                       5

Total Hansoku make                        1

Total Shido Pctg.                         13.5%

Total Hansoku make Pctg.            2.7%

Total Penalty Pctg.                      16.2%

Totals Day 1

Total Matches                             101

Total Shido                                    11

Total Hansoku Make                       9

Total Shido Pctg.                      10.9%

Total Hansoku make Pctg.         8.9%

Total Penalty Pctg.                   19.8%                                                                                                             

48k-Kondo just dominated. Amazing to see her doing harai. Very solid ground game.
60K what can I say. Gambat(MGL) wins the semi's and final by less shito's? Opponents couldn't throw him. He got in some good attacks. How he stops his opponent with the sleeve grip and not get penalized? Best 60k fighter I thought was Mudranov(RUS) even though he got a home call vs. Takato(JPN).

Will have to watch the prelims matches also later.

Great report OCJTC as usual.

thanks oc for your meticulous data collection.
i wish i could put it to use someday.

just curious, were there really only 7 total shidos in the mens division, or am i reading that wrong?

hi easyrhino,

No, that is the number of matches that were decided by shidos and hansoku make. Examples:

Ganbat defeated Mudranov 2-1 shidos. That is counted as a match decided by penalties.

Takato and Mudranov each had a yuko. But Takato also had a shido. That match was decided by a penalty.

The percentage of matches that were decided by penalties today was roughly 20%.

The IJF has come up with a fantastic database. it is http://www.judobase.org

They have all the individual matches up for Day 1 already! It was literally within two hours of the event. I watched the finals block live and then caught up on all the interesting matches later in the day. It literally saved me close to 6 hours work I put into this stuff every day during a big event. They've gotten so good at it, I'm questioning the utility of what I'm currently doing. The only benefit for me is that I get my own perspective and I count ippons differently than they do, so I get a clearer picture of ippon rate.

The home cooking was strong with Mudranov. I was so sure Takato was going to win. And to make things worse for him, did he get some teeth knocked out or something?

Anyway, 66kg coming up shortly here. Zantaraia won at 60kg in 2009. Pulling for him tonight.


Seong gyeong,

Chuck Jefferson, Joshua Resnick and I have been writing up reports on the World Championships since Thursday evening for  members of OCJTC and Chuck Jefferson Judo. In today's report I wrote:

"None of us got Ganbat as the gold medal, but Joshua had him at silver. Neither Chuck or I gave him the respect he deserved. Mistake on our part. That said, all of us picked Takato to win. If you watched his semi final match, you might have the same reaction I did. Which leads me to my next topic. I call it “Subjectivity Leads to Satire”


As described in our third piece, one of the issues with trying to pick winners is the amount of subjectivity in a judo match. Especially shido penalties. It can completely change the dynamics. Let me put it this way. There was a heck of a lot of subjectivity in the Takato-Mudranov semi-final and all that subjectivity seemed to go Mudranov’s way. In any way that I look at a  judo match and what has been explained to me in referee clinics, I would not call the match the way it was called. I give some more detail on the match in the link above.  Mudranov might have won the match, but Takato had the best judo in my humble opinion. On the bright side, Takato can say he fought 4 people at once (Mudranov, Referee, 2 side judges) and only lost by the difference of a shido."


In other words, I agree with you.

Right on; I always appreciate your summaries and analyses of these big tournaments. Zantaraia coming up in a minute or so.....

Chibana just destroyed Ghazaryan.  Delgado went out in first round. Got pinned. I have to wake up at 3:00am so I'll catch up in the morning.

Day 2 Kelmendi(IJF) (52K) and Ebinuma (JPN)(66k) were the head of their class. Why does Kelmendi have IJF as her country? What the finals match to see 2 wazari's by Kelmendi and an ippon throw by Ebinuma. Spectacular throws. Their are some "home" calls her. But like my Sensei told us if you don't throw your opponent to score those type of things can happen. Gambat is one tough guy. Very difficult to throw. He uses defensive gripping that I don't know why is not called a penalty. It shows winning the semi's/finals by shito's. Are they getting home calls also?

Kelmendi is from Kosovo.

There is a issue with Kosovo as far as international recognition for the state, it's not so long ago they achieved independence.

For more details, see the interwebz! :)