2017 Celebrity Death Pool!!!!

Im back after a 2016 hiatus.  For those who dont remember: 

The rules are as follows:
-- Pick 20 people who you think will pass away in 2017. (or pick as many as you'd like)
-- The person must be a celebrity of some kind (political, show business, athlete, newsmaker, etc). As commissioners, we will make the final decision of the validity of each pick. Let us know upfront if you think the person may be in question.  (TIP: Think "would this person get a NY Times obituary?")
-- It is the responsibility of the person who selected the dead person to provide valid proof that their selection has died (a link to an obituary or news stories will suffice, no bodies please). 
-- If anyone is found to have any participation in the death of one of his selections, the proper authorities will be contacted (though we would applaud your competitive efforts).

1. Trump

First overall pick. I hope it does not happen but people be crazy.

I'm a one and done.
Its time...

Queen Elizabeth II


John Goodman. 

Mary Tyler Moore.

George Michael.

Don Rickles.

Chuck Berry.

Don Rickles

Val Kilmer


hate to say it, but Bobby Heenan is looking rough

cruedi - Hillary


I am rubbing one out to the thought of this right now


1.Bill Cosby

2.Andy Dick

3. Charlie Sheen

4. Hugh Hefner


Seth McFarlane

Madeline Albright


Tina Turner

Bret Michaels

Olivia De Haviland

Flava Fla

Bob Barker

Bill Cosby

Doug Stanhope

Justin Bieber fingers crossed

Sad to say but the hulkster will be kicking the bucket this year

Also axl rose will die of a heart attack

And Jon Jones in a car wreck

Keith Richards

Kirk Douglas

In for later. Working on a list of 20.




Jimmy Snuka

Clint Eastwood