2020 Census To Include Citizenship Question MAGA

Dems sad and mad.


President Trump's 

Commerce Department said Monday evening that the 2020 Census will include a question on citizenship over the strenuous objections of Democrats.

Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross announced his decision to reinstate the citizenship question, which has not appeared on the census since 1950, in a post on the Commerce website

"For the approximately 90 percent of the population who are citizens, this question is no additional imposition," Ross wrote in his decision. "And for the approximately 70 percent of non-citizens who already answer this question accurately on the ACS, the question is no additional imposition."

Democrats have raised concerns that adding the question would result in an inaccurate population count because it would discourage immigrants from filling out the questionnaire. 

Ross responded to such concerns in his decision.

"I find that the need for accurate citizenship data and the limited burden that the reinstatement of the citizenship question would impose outweigh fears about a potentially lower response rate," he wrote.

The Justice Department under Attorney General Jeff Sessions has pushed for inclusion of the question, arguing that it would allow the the department to better enforce the Voting Rights Act.