2020 NHL Stanley Cup playoffs thread

Tampa wins 5-2, leads series 2-1.

Game 4 on Friday is going to be CRUCIAL for both teams!


Other than about 5 minutes in the first period, Lightning dominated that game in every catagory.

Nice to see Stammer get a goal on his first shot since February

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Game 4 is live on NBC !!!

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Tied 3-3 going into the 3rd period!  

Great game so far.

Dallas keeps getting penalties and Tampa capitalizes.  Dallas needs to stay OUT of the penalty box if they want to win! 

Tied 4-4 with 8 minutes left in the game! 


With 30 seconds left in regulation, Dallas player Corey Perry hooked the groin of Gourde, but the referee gave BOTH teams a penalty, one for hooking and one for embellishment!!! 

I think the Stars got a little lucky on that one.  

I think the ref saw the hook but didn’t realize it was actually the stick to the nuts.  That’s why he went down hard.  Lol.

If Tampa wins tonight and tomorrow, we will see the Stanley Cup tomorrow!  

Game 5 is tomorrow at 8pm EST 

crazy to think it might all be over in 24 hours!!!  

^ Colorado wins it next year…

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Wow Tampa just got a power play. Tripping call on Jamie Benn.  Replay showed it wasn’t even tripping.  

One game away!

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Well the refs fucked that ending up.  I guess it was karma for the embellishment call during the Perry penalty.  

Graduate1 - ^ Colorado wins it next year....

They will definitely be a solid team for the next few years. 

KennyPowers55 - One game away!

Tampa can win the cup in less than 24 hours.  I think Dallas either plays the game of their lives or they flop tomorrow.  Benn has to regroup and start fresh.  That penalty will haunt him as the captain.  

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Man that sucks! Benn and the boys looked fired up at end. Sucks to lose like that. We had to end it with that 4 on 3 opportunity. No idea what the goalie situation is for tomorrow but Dobby had an off night. 

Refs handed Tampa the cup

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I don't think it ends today. Let's fucking go boys!! 

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OVERTIME.  If Tampa scores they win the Cup. 

Thai Dye -

I don't think it ends today. Let's fucking go boys!! 

Benn and Seguin MUST get going , they have been kept off the scoreboard basically the entire series.  If the top line gets going Dallas can come back for sure!!!

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