2020 NHL Stanley Cup playoffs thread

Go Bolts!!!

kanedog -

Go Bolts!!!

They look great, and they’re without Stamkos!

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game 1 is on Saturday

either team is good... I'm gonna pull for the old

guard on Big D! benn, pavelski, perry with seguin and radulov 

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Stars taking it to Tampa, didn't see that coming. Haven't been watching but gonna tune in for the 3rd.

At this point I'm rooting for Dallas


We were tired.

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this guy has been amazing!!!

Stars only had 4 shots in the last 23 minutes of the game, and 3 of them went in!  

Dallas looked great but they will need to increase their shots on goal.  

Game 1 highlights 


really hating Dallas right now.

First they took away Colorado/Vegas

Then they took away Vegas/Tampa

Now they won game 1.

Fuck off Dallas.

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game 2 tomorrow!


Game day!  Puck drop in 4 hours!

Game time!!

Tampa leads 3-2 with 10 minutes to go.

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Tampa wins 3-2.  Series tied 1-1


Tampa wins 5-2, leads series 2-1.

Game 4 on Friday is going to be CRUCIAL for both teams!


Other than about 5 minutes in the first period, Lightning dominated that game in every catagory.

Nice to see Stammer get a goal on his first shot since February

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Game 4 is live on NBC !!!

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Tied 3-3 going into the 3rd period!  

Great game so far.

Dallas keeps getting penalties and Tampa capitalizes.  Dallas needs to stay OUT of the penalty box if they want to win! 

Tied 4-4 with 8 minutes left in the game!