2020 USA Flu Deaths 16K Coronavirus Deaths=9


this thread hasnt aged well…

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Imagine, though, being in her position and still thinking those she targets are “fringe”… & not a massive chunk of the population.

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“It’s their [the democrats’] new hoax”
“It’ll go away once the weather warms up”
“We should try exposing our bodies to ultraviolet light and ingesting disinfectants”


We still have no clue how many people died OF COVID as opposed to WITH COVID…Smarten up sheep!


Trump skull-fucked you so hard you’re digging through the past like a pumped-and-dumped cheap slut that can’t handle the fact that the best she’ll ever be is a fuckdoll…

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He’s too emotional to think straight…not much he does straight from the rumors…

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correct he is a snowflake

You just got emotional over 100% pure facts.

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but I wasn’t emotional…making a stoic observation…

Came across as very emotional that he put your hero on blast.
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Not my hero, which only goes to further my point…and the emotion comes off that way most likely due to your own projection…not everyone triggers the way you do sport…

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glad we agree on your mental fragility

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Worst aged thread of all time :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:

lol mods please update the thread title