2021-2022 College Football Thread


As long as them dawgs don’t step on their own dick, this should be their year. I’m in ATL can cheer for the Dawgs as long as they aren’t playing the Jackets…so I’m on board.

In that case may as well just give Georgia the trophy and spare the other three the embarrassment

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I, for one, look forward to Georgia having a dominant season, then losing by over 30 points in the SEC championship game, to be leapfrogged by Notre Dame or Ohio State in the final rankings, and being left out of the playoff.

Y’know… the usual.

2017 wasn’t that long ago
2018 was an extremely close loss
A lot of teams were blown out by 2019 LSU

What other examples are there of UGA being blown out in the SECCG?

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My bad, I thought you wanted to be taken seriously. I’ll just expand my growing ignore list

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Such a whiny little (and I do mean little) girl. Sucks bc you USED to be cool. Come out of the closet Clemson boy.

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Some of you will find this extremely amusing!

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You guys keep talking all that noise and keep the thread going while me and tfk quietly try to figure how Oklahoma got to this point and what’s going on at QB.

you are thinking of Florida . UGA has never come within a million miles of losing by 30 in an SEC champiomship game

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you are probably looking forward to huge disappointment followed by your boyfriend’s tender loving touch!!! you know ! the usual!!!

It’s happened before.

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How long until @Texashorns123 is officially a bet welcher? (In addition to being a cum felcher).

I understand he’s probably still crying as he realizes that sark is not, as he thought, the savior of college football for tu. However, he owes me a hundred buck!!!

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It’s gonna happen whether you like it or not. CFB needs the Irish because they bring in money.

He better be back

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About time you smarten up.

If by “clearly better” you mean at faking injuries to stop momentum, yea, that they were clearly better at.

Shoulda been “better” at protecting the QB.



Franklin already said this but Iowa doesn’t run an up tempo offense…they huddled after every play. There is no reason to fake an injury. 1 of the guys that got boo’d off the field is out for the season.

And yeah, Iowa was getting dominated before Clifford got hurt. Was 17-3 half way through the 2nd qtr.