2021-2022 College Football Thread

I kinda disagree with that since the whole purpose of the CFP is to create the tournament, the winner of the tournament is #1, but really even that being the case Kevin Sumlin coached a team to #5, how long did it take jimbo fisher to beat that? It took Sumlin 1 year

I just don’t like him as a coach, sorry, he’s never had sustained success, he’s being paid based on 2 years of his career, and is obviously not the face behind these recruiting classes

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post their schedule

5-1 vs teams in the final top 25

Post a team with a better end of season resume

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Most of the defense seems to be returning. Should be pretty good if they can get some of the new guys to make an impact.

Finished with the most difficult schedule in the country. Look it up.

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Florida is trying


i was referring to next years schedule

Oh, the one with 10 P5 opponents. Yeah, it’s a solid, respectable schedule. I agree


samford, kent state, missouri, vandy kentucky, ga tech is alot tougher than scheduling bama.

And again, your team is who?

lived in ga for close to 20 years. i follow them and quite a few other teams. conferences should stay small enough so they play every team every year.

And the team you root for is who?

i just told you. i follow alot of teams. usually ones with standout players. next year im interested to see how usc and texas am do. you wont find me in crocs with a tucked in college polo shirt screaming at the tv. edit, since i have never played football or went to college.

Would be crazy if Dart commits to OU and Caleb Williams to USC…a qb trade, lol

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Dart is actually a more polished passer than Caleb.

Yes, I think so too…

…of course you’d have to think Dillon Gabriel would leave if Dart comes. After leaving UCLA for OU before he actually spent a day at UCLA. Crazy times.

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