2021 Blue Jays OFFICIAL

I cleared my schedule tonight to chill after a busy weekend and watch my first Jays game in 2 weeks. Turned it off before the first inning ended. Yikes

What do you guys make of this rumor that the Jays are in the running to land Nelson Cruz?

They don’t need Nelson Cruz that would be a stupid addition.

If your pitching can’t prevent runs…just score more.

Thanks for derby worthy pitching ! Much appreciated

Well, FUCK!!!

Fuck this team’s pitching is frustrating. Borucki walks Conforto on 5 pitches to set up this entire debacle. The guy is hitting .150 vs lefties this year, MAKE HIM FUCKING HIT!!! And then goes down 2-0 to Alonso before getting crushed to LF.


Then we get Barnes sweating about sign stealing, when he should be more focused on getting the 3rd out. Even Buck Martinez called him on it, “this is way too much worry about stealing signs, when he should be focused on making good pitches.” Double scores 2 more runs.

Montoyo just brought in his secret weapon Mayza though. We’re good now.

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It would be poetic justice if Biggio can get a hit off Aaron Loup here. Our bullpen is actually shittier than when Loup was making us all groan in the Jays thread years ago.

I forgot Biggio fucking sucks…

You watching on tape delay, Rosie?

Yeah, sorry. Just finished the game. Great way to piss away 3 hours, when I could have been doing yard work on a Sunday.

This bullpen and our retard manager are why we won’t make the wildcard game this season. Gotta be pretty demoralizing for our young hitters, who come to play every game (except Biggio)

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There’s a lot of shitting on the bullpen here, and every bit of it is deserved.

But in today’s game, the offense was 3 for 19 with RISP. That blows. Stripling gave 'em 5 good innings. There should have been more run support.


Just back from the bush and a week of no cell service.

As a Jays fan, you were better off wherever you were.


I see that…