2021 Blue Jays OFFICIAL

Me too. While I hate the Astros, it is nice to see the Jays add one of if not the best hitter on the market and a damn good outfielder. I will do my best to forget his past indiscretions, especially if he plays well.

He has looked awful. I was wondering last night if they should keep Davis up and send Rowdy to AAA when George is back. Tellez provides next to no defense and if he isn’t hitting, what is his use? At least Davis can play all 3 OF positions and can pinch run.

I think Rowdy still has some options. They may keep both and send a reliver down instead.

Yankees picked up Rougned Odor from the Rangers today. Don’t know why. But now the Jays are going to see a whole lot more of him on the opposing bench for the remainder of the season.

Not sure how much the hard feelings linger anyway. Most of the existing Jays weren’t part of the 2016 series.

Tanner Roark allows 5 earned runs over 3 innings. Three of them came by home run.


Yup… the plane is not coming Mr Roark…

0-14 in 4 games and hasn’t even worked a pitcher for a walk. Vladdy is gonna play more often than not. But Tellez is the only other option on 1 bag. Unless they move Panik over there. It’s gonna take a lot of moving parts to send Tellez down to AAA unfortunately.

Biggio can move over to 1st if needed. Panik 3rd… And while I’m at it, Bichette needs to swap with Semien…

Nice HR Bo… as I type…lol.

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Semien has looked good so far. Loving the D he has provided at 2nd. I would not be opposed to flipping him and Bo. I think the plan is to see what Bo can do at SS this year. If he doesn’t have a great year with the glove, they’ll look for another solution. Starting to wish they gave Marcus a little more term, I wonder if they could have added a second year and saved a bit on the AAV.

Please, don’t anyone tell Grichuk that he’s not Kevin Pillar!

So glad the Angels gave him up for David freese. Brilliant management.

Probably the last time the Jays see .500… Fence or nothing doesn’t work…

Haha I said the same thing. When ya swing for the fence every time, usually doesn’t work out.

Easy there fellas… we’re seven games in. Let the kids find their stride.

That said, we’re seven games in and I already can’t stand Pete Walker again. Borucki has a 0.0 era and has looked deadly out of the pen so far. Walker let’s Merryweather go two innings but yanks Borucki after a big K, to put Dolis in for the last out? Gimme a break. That loss is on Walker and Dolis for being fucking dummies. Cant blame the kids for swinging the boom stick with a man on second to try and tie it up, after Walker gifted the Angels the game.

Dolis needs to figure his shit out fast. Or it’s gonna be Romano and Merryweather one two punch in the 8 and 9th to close games.

All cool Rosie, we been at tis a while, but it’s not even situational, its swing for te fences everytime and on 2 strike pitches… Sure they’ll win some games with that, but not much over .500, if they get back there. Starting pitching is 2 guys , maybe right now.

Thought the same thing you guys did watching the game. I’d imagine if it’s that easy for everyone to see they’ll eventually make the effort to practice a little more situational hitting. Hopefully not till Monday at the earliest though.

Tough to win in the majors letting in 7 runs. The Angels are a solid team, but I fell asleep in the 6th or 7th inning so can’t comment past that.
I hate the HR/Strikeout meta in the MLB with guys constantly swinging for the bleachers, I much prefer the old way.

Need Pearson to get healthy and need 2-3 guys to really emerge in the bullpen as reliable.

Situational hitting is lost in today’s game. It’s not just the Jays. As angels fan I have been saying the same for years. A well placed timely base hit with a guy on second and two out wins a game but they’re up their hacking for the fences.

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I knew in the 11th with the guys coming up the Angels had a much better shot at at impact from 7-9 in the lineup than they did 4-6 in the lineup in the 10th. One hit gets you to Fletcher who is one of the only true contact hitters left. Dude doesn’t K and puts it in play.

Wow… 6 up 6 down, 4 k’s…
The old “blue jays turn every pitcher into Cy Young’s incarnation” just doesn’t end…