2021 Blue Jays OFFICIAL

And Shatwood back at it… instead of walking everyone… they all get bp fastballs

Nice bounce back by the Jays today with a 6-2 win over the 'stros. Stripling has only allowed 2 earned runs over his last 17 innings. He seems to have found his groove. Hope it lasts. And Joe Panik has been surprisingly productive lately.

Vladdy just continues to rake at an obscene pace.

Monyoyo almost blew it again taking out a pitcher who was grooving and wasting another who was a hit from blowing it.

I dislike this man very much.

Shatkins needs to turf him asap, and bring in a real manager.

Robbie Ray pitched a fucking gem tonight. 13 K’s and one ER.

As much as I hate Pete Walker and his stupid moustache… he’s done a great job with Ray.


Now what can he do with Doleeeesh…

Ship that retard to AAA.

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I switched to Colorado vs Vegas… knew it was over… Wow. 5 runs… Starting pitching comes around, bullpen can’t do shit. These guys need a manager not a buddy on the bench.

So how about that bullpen boys…

Not just bullpen. Bichette is not a shortstop and gurriel is not a fielder. They gave up on vladdy at 3rd when he was obese but don’t give a chance now that he’s in better shape, yet they leave bichette at short. 10 throwing errors this year. Just throwing, gotta be 10 more fielding.

Looking good so far today. Vladdy clubbed his 20th. Matz solid.

Only issue is, Matz pitch count is going up which means we’ll be seeing the bullpen soon.

Here we go…

Blue Jays absolutely raking in Boston.

Too bad the bullpen cost them Game 1.

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Dolis about to cost them this game too.

How he still has a job is fucking beyond me…

We need Tyler Clippard back!

Er, no.

Okay, we need someone else.

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Dolis or Montoyo?

Nice little BP fastball down the pipe from Dolis. What a turd. I said it before the season started, this team won’t win anything with this awful bullpen. Quality start from Manoah too.

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Can’t believe I saw yesterday’s game instead of today’s

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Both, tbh.

Why is Dolis in there facing the heart of Bostons lineup? Get Romano in there. You get through the 9th, hope to put up a run in the 10th and take your chances.

I was done with Montoyo a month ago. He can’t be fired soon enough.

Dfa Dolis.