2021 World Senior Judo Championships June 6-13

Budapest, Hungary. 5 Continents, 119 Nations, close to 700 athletes, 7 divisions men and women, Team Championship last day. Watch live individual matches as they happen or replay on Youtube from the IJF.org website.

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Draw is today 8AM US Eastern Daylight Savings time.IJF.org has complete coverage of this event.

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Day 1 and 2 are in the books. The Japanese women are killing it. Won Gold -48k and -52k. Maruyama men -66k was dominant as ever winning gold Matches are on IJF.org or Youtube…

Watching -81k today has the best judokas pound for pound. More top level players than any other weight class.

Sad no one is interested in the World Judo Championships on this forum. I watched all the medal contests and more.

Once again Japan is judo supreme in the world. With 5 gold, 4silver and 2 bronze medals out of 14 divisions. Plus they won gold in mix team competition.

Next up is the Olympics.

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Sorry I have been busy. I am interested.

I am retired so I much more time to invest. Plus the folks that follow judo on world stage can contribute so much more to what is actually happening to judo on that stage. Judo is growing in so many places for example Africa. One thing I noticed that needs some improvement is winning in golden score. I noticed in some matches top players competing against each other play very cautious to get to golden score to win by shido/wazari. They don’t want to get down wazari in regulation because the opponent can fight defensive and rarely will get three 3 shidos. The lower match time of 4 minutes contributes to this also.

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Just noticed this thread. Judo is still shut down here is Sacramento & over the last year I’ve kind of gotten out of following anything. Just got my fat arse back to a regular gym to work off this Covid-30 I’m carrying around.

Well good luck it will take a while for things to get back to normal. Here in NYS we are on the mat.

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Bjj is on the mat here as well, just not judo. I don’t really enjoy the style of Bjj near me though so doubt I’ll be going back as I was dreading going to class before the lockdowns.

Glad to hear some discussion on this forum. Olympic Judo is next. IJF.org is the place to be. Either live or replays of all preliminary rounds, Semi Finals, Repechage and Medal rounds. Just require I/D and P/W. for free access to draws, pools and video,either live or replay.

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