2022 IIHF World Juniors Hockey Tournament has started

2022 IIHF World Juniors Hockey Tournament has started.

This channel on YouTube is uploading the games. I believe you can also watch on the NHL Network. Last year was amazing with USA taking out Canada in the Finals!

For non-hockey fans, this tournament is basically the Olympics for the worlds very best hockey players age 19 or under


Only 2 days of competition has been played.

Here is the rest of the schedule:

I’m assuming you’re a Ducks fan? Mason McTavish seems to be a man amongst boys after the 2 games I watched. Similar to Zegras last year, though with less flash and more just physical dominance.



In. Love this tourney.

On a side note, my little cousin is basically a shoe in for next years team (or the year after). He was the top rated 16 year old in Canada this year and went 1st overall in the WHL draft a few weeks ago. It’s gonna be surreal watching a family member play in a tournament that has been such a holiday staple in our family (so long as things keep progressing for him and he can avoid big injuries; knock on wood).


Canada is a 9.5 goal favorite over Austria today. Never seen a spread like that in hockey.

bedard is going to be a beast

Best of luck to him in Spokane dude

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Jesus Christ, is the goalie out with covid?

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Fell just short…11-2

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Going to Russia ? I’m off the 26th to Jan 9…

My bil was drafted by the rigers out of Midget in the 90’s, played some preseason games at 16 and traded ro Spokane. He spent about a month or 6 weeks in Spokane in a hotel by himself and riding pine at the rink. Spokane is sketchy as fuck so he said fuck this and moved back to play in the SJHL. Best man at his wedding played there too, Blaine Lacher, went on to play goal for the Bruins. Friend of mine too.

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Yeah, I hope he thrives there. It’s great that he went at the top of the list, but I would’ve loved a reason to drive out to Red Deer or Medicine Hat a couple times a year. Spokane is too far and across a border that’s not easy to cross anymore.

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Camicon is in Spokane…he’s cleaning that place up iirc!

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When I looked him up I was hoping he ended up here in Kelowna

You in SK?

I’m in the Hat so if you want a tigers game… I got a spare room.

Wow handicappers did a great job on that one.

Yup, I’m In SK. Unfortunately. It’s colder than a witches tit right now. -32* (42* with wind) this morning, and my car wouldn’t start. I hate this place almost as much as I love it.

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Doesn’t look like they play in MH either, but I’ll be out your way in the summer to visit other family. I’ll PM you and we can grab a beer or ten.


Just In: In addition to tanking this year for the best chance at projected #1 Shane Wright they’ve indicated they will tank next season as well to land Connor Bedard.

Can’t really blame them, Bedard scored 4 as a 16-year-old last night, the first 16-year-old to score a hattie since some guy named Gretzky and the youngest ever to pot 4.