2022 Lamborghini Countach (Hell Yeah!)

And you made that point further up the thread and I didn’t challenge you on it. I just re-stated that the days of the traditional manual with a clutch being the top performer are a thing of the past.

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she must have mods

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youve also said you think cars with automatic transmissions are the fastest so…

I like the paintjob with the big flames on the side that she got.

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You’re right. I stand corrected. Modern manual with paddles and no clutch is the fastest. Correct?

But it ain’t that old configuration with the clutch and traditiional shifter that everyone loved/loves.

And if you’re not changing the gears, as in you don’t even have paddles, let alone a clutch and a traditional shifter, that’s an automatic for all intents and purposes.

“Would you consider your car an automatic?”
“I would consider any car I don’t have to push in a clutch an automatic”


Are you telling me there are people who drive with both hands on the wheel?

Like… how?

That is really cool to see it return in modern form!


I agree. I had a Countach poster on my wall as a kid and there were 1 or 2 or 3 I’d see around town. It was the definition of an exotic car at the time.


And I like the new one. I think they did well with it.


Bash bar I will order hers soon.

“Flappy paddle gearboxes are still automatics. No third pedal.” ¯_(ツ)_/¯

hmm, some dude on the internet

or tremec

im sticking with tremec

It belongs in my ugly exotic cars thread