2022 Toronto Blue Jays Bofficial

Cool. My uncle will be stoked. I’m a Nats fan but if the Nats don’t win I like the Jays, Cards, and Royals.

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Farewell Randal Grichuk. He’s gone to the Colorado Rockies in return for OF Raimel Tapia.

Unfortunately for you guys Vladdy got fat(ter) in the offseason and then lost an unhealthy amount of weight in the last month. Very unfortunate since it’ll probably lead to a bad injury. My early condolences.

I don’t know if I could bring myself to cheer for the guy…

Pete Walker should do more walking.

TAMPA, Fla. – Toronto Blue Jays pitching coach Pete Walker apologized Saturday after being arrested on a charge of driving under the influence a day earlier.

Walker was arrested early Friday morning in Pinellas County, Florida, and released later that day on $500 cash bond.

“There was a traffic incident on Thursday night that I was involved in,” the 52-year-old Walker told reporters Saturday. "I’m very apologetic to the Blue Jays organization, Blue Jays fans and my family.

“I’m working with my attorney to get resolution to this right now. My apologies to my three daughters, as well. Right now, we’re working through that with my attorney for resolution and that is the only comment I’ll have right now.”

Nah… check the og water fast thread…

They’ll treat it like murder and he’ll get more than all the sexual deviant pro players… oh, and murderers…

Or they could let him walk.

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Ba da ting…

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Hey man I’ll hate to see since his dads one my favorite players ever, but Vladdy’s going down this year. Again, my condolences bro

You must be a Tatis fan… Is that you Jackson ?

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Ew thats dirty. Totally uncalled for.

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Sorry man… lol


Excited to talk baseball with all you degenerates again this year, likely deep into the playoffs.

Have them winning the WS online betting. Think that 15$ bet pays 165$ if/when it hits.

Snagged Gausman, Springer, and Romano in baseball fantasy this year. Should make Jays games very entertaining.

Let’s goooooooo Jays!

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Wow…didnt know there was this many faggots on the OG

In for the eventual letdown

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In news to maybe no one but me, Dexter Fowler, 38, is not retired. And the Jays just signed him to a minor league deal. Don’t think there’s much juice left to squeeze there.

Blue Jays are my favorite Canadian baseball team

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