2022 Toronto Blue Jays Bofficial

30+ games into the season, who would’ve guessed the bats would be the issue.

Starting pitching, bullpen, manager…all those I could see. Didn’t sed this one though.

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There was no reason for Gausman to go out for the 8th. None. Pinch hitting Capra pays off, they tie the game… Then Montoyo figures “ehhh, I’ll let Gausman go back out there”


Fuck this team. I need a break. Gonna watch Jays in 30 until Springer gets healthy, and Teo remembers how to hit a baseball.

If (or when) the Jays lose tonight, they’ll be one fucking game over .500.

Tampa climbs to 20-13 and the AL East leading Yankees are well on their way to moving to 24-8.

It’s god damn pathetic!!

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Somethings gotta change.

This is not working.

I actually disagree.

They came out of the gate hot.

But starting pitching IS an issue. Berrios is not our ace. He’s looked horrible half his starts. Kikuchi the same… he’s looked horrible half his starts. Ryu is brutal.

Guasman and Manoah are carrying the team on their backs at this point…

Bullpen has been shaky. Jimmy/Yimi/Steve whatever he wants to be called… is not a set up man. Neither is Mayza. Saucedo and Merryweather are fucking turds. Which is unfortunate, because Julian showed promise last season before he got hurt.

Trevor Richards, Cimber and Romano are the only three who can be trusted out of the pen.

Bo’s errors are ignorant at this point. In close games, bobbling routine ground balls over and over again, is unacceptable. It seems like he’s good for one or two a series, that with the Jays luck eventually cost them a run.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, Montoyo and Walker are two of the biggest clown shoes managers in baseball. I actually like Gibby, more than Montoyo.

The bats are stone cold. Seems like Espinal is the only guy that comes to play every day.

End Rant

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Hopefully Ryu is getting back on track. Only 4.2 innings today, but he can build on that.

Espinal up to .280. That was second-highest in the lineup today, behind only Vladdy Jr., who’s at .281. Other than Danny Jansen, who doesn’t have that many at-bats due to being on the IL.


Should have known that the Blue Jays bats would go silent against Cy Young winners like Jeffrey Springs, Matt Wisler and Colin Poche!

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2.6 runs per game since April 30th

43 over 16 games since April 30th

Absolute trash. They need some count working walk generators to give pitchers a harder time, it’s too easy when a guy like Jeffrey Springs is shutting you out.

The fuck is up with the Jays

Kukuchi dealing tonight.

Hopefully they can muster some more runs to give him some insurance.

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They’re trying to cancel Nasty!!! This can’t happen! He’s sorry, for Chrissake!!

BALTIMORE – New York Yankees left-hander Nestor Cortes said he deactivated his Twitter account after screenshots surfaced Sunday of tweets from a decade ago that included racial slurs.

Cortes appeared to be quoting rap lyrics in at least some of the tweets, and he did not seem to be using the words to demean anyone directly.

“I felt like it wasn’t the right message that I wanted to send out, when I was 17 years old,” Cortes said before Monday’s game against Baltimore. "Those happened 10 years ago. I deactivated my Twitter to clean stuff up.

“It’s not acceptable,” he added. “I think I could have managed myself and said stuff differently. But I’m here today to say that I’m going to work on it and fix it.”

Cortes, 27, has been one of the best pitchers in the majors this season, sporting a 1.35 ERA after seven starts.

The Jays are up against Seattle and Cincinnati this week. They better make a fucking move against those lowly teams!

Its horse shit. He was 17 years old and talking about his High School or travel team winning and said something like “shout out to my team so and so, they my n!&&@$” others were quotes from Post Malone songs. A guy like Nestor Cortez isnt the problem here, its the fucking piece of shit thats sitting there thinking, “hmmmmm, this guys doing well, let me go through all hus social media to see what kind of dirt I could dig up.” Then the piece of shit has the bold faced audacity to say, “Oh I’m not treeying to cancel him…” THATS EXACTLY WHAT THE PIECE OF SHIT WAS DOING…


-0 years ago


And quoting a a rap song

Fuck off… whoever wants to cancel someone for something they said as a teen a decade ago … they should be canceled

This has to stop

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That’s exactly my take

And I would say that about anyone

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On a complely different note…

Holy cow, this has to be exhausting…

I had no idea that the covid protocol in Canada meant that, if you are flying out of Canada and you test positive at the airport you must remain in Canada for 10 days. As a result of this, the Blue Jays have been driving to the Rogers Center in New York and then from there, flying to their respective destinations. That’s a 3-hour drive before even getting onto a plane. This must be extremely exhausting for the players coaches and staff. I’m not knocking them at all but just stating that has to be exhausted for a professional team that has to play at least 162 games throughout the course of a season


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We have different science up here.

It’s spelled ‘Cyunce’.

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