2022 Toronto Blue Jays Bofficial

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This is from last night. The ump was as fucked up as my arrow. I mean…64 fucking percent?

You guys see the Jays manager get tossed before opening pitch today. Was incredible.

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Missed it, at work.

Just got home, but having Montoyo ejected isn’t necessarily a bad thing!

Wasn’t Montoyo, it was the Jays hitting coach. He handed in the pre game lineup card and proceeded to immediately light up the umpire crew about last night’s performance.

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Well, at least someone on the Jays is showing a little spark.

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Is there any accountability for umps? Like, this asshat just has no consequences? And anyone on any team that doesn’t like it, he can just eject them. BS


Kikuchi is a fucking useless turd.

Send him back to Japan on a raft.


We dont have any good Asian pitchers, he’s taking the place of Ryu as the shittiest starter.

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Fucking Berrios the BUM!!

And Rowdy Tellez of all people doing a good chunk of the damage.

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Jays lost 7 out of their last 10

Figure it the fuck out boys

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I know what you’re going to say: “Sergio Romo? He’s still pitching?”

Yes, he’s pushing 40 and he owns an 8.16 ERA this season, so of course Jays management had to sign him!!

Gausman was back in stellar form tonight: 10 Ks and no runs allowed over 7 IP.

Tomorrow is the overperforming Michael Wacha vs. Ross Stripling.

Holy fuck what a win!

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1 run scored in the 10th, bases loaded, and no out. Fucking A, Phelps. I’m not even going to watch the end of the game. Ain’t nobody got time for this shit.

Verdugo might be the biggest faggot in MLB. Fucking wannabe tough guy gangster, and a ginger.

Can’t stand him.


Phelps sucks


Yup… never sucked a dick he didn’t like…

Even the bench clearing no-brawl was weak tonight.