2023 OG/UG Secret Santa

This is how it’s going down… Get me your Info by THANKSGIVING NOV 23TH cannot stress enough how important this is… that gives you all the chance to take advantage of black friday/cyber monday deals for this event. If @Kirik or @chris could make this a sticky, that’d make this a lot easier.

It’s that time of year again! The Annual UG/OG Secret Santa!
Here’s how participate:

  1. Send a PM to me here. Make sure you’re able to receive PM from everyone.

  2. In that email I’ll need your REAL NAME, ADDRESS, and UG Screen Name. If you don’t feel comfortable giving out this info to a fellow UGer/OGer, give me an email address I can forward on to your SS so they can get you a giftcard or something of the sort.

  3. I will then randomly select from the final list who will be a Secret Santa for whom.

  4. There will not be a spending limit but in the past most people sent gifts in the $30 range. Popular gift ideas are Fight Team or MMA themed shirts, Fight DVDs, hats, books, etc.

  5. THIS IS MOST IMPORTANT! Once you’ve signed up and sent me an email, come back to this thread and post your wish list along with your SHIRT / HAT / and SHORT SIZES and if there is a DVD or something you’d like to have. That way each Secret Santa can have an idea of what to get for their recipient. This will make it a little less hard to buy for a stranger. DO NOT EMAIL ME YOUR SIZES AND WISH LIST. POST THEM HERE ON THIS THREAD. If you don’t post your wish list and sizes, it’s your own fault if you get a gift that doesn’t fit, etc. Also, posting here will let everyone see who’s playing this year. Note: This is a very simple format. You sign up, you get a name and address, you purchase a gift and mail it or have it sent via the online company you purchased from. The entire process from the minute you get your recipient’s info to the time of purchase could take as little as 15 minutes - if you do everything online. THERE’S NO NEED TO TAKE THREE WEEKS OR THREE MONTHS TO GET THIS DONE. There is no need for anyone to wait beyond Christmas to receive their gift. So, if this is not that simple for you, for any reason, please don’t register.
    Again, if you sign up, Please - Please - Please honor your recipient and do your part. NO EXCUSES, NO MISHAPS. We are all adults… if you sign up, play right. I don’t care about personal issues, work related drama, travel issues or other “life” problems. If you’re dealing with any of these things, DON’T PLAY. IF YOU REGISTER YOU ARE SAYING THAT YOU ARE WILLING AND ABLE TO DO THIS TASK WITHIN THE NEXT FEW WEEKS. So let’s keep the positive vibes going. ONLY REGISTER IF YOU ARE ABLE TO PURCHASE AND SEND A GIFT, WITH NO PROBLEMS.

  6. PM me tracking information so I can forward the info to your recipient.

  7. Post pictures of what you received! The UG App allows us to post pictures. Do it!

*A quick thank you to those players from last year who stepped up and gave gifts to more than one recipient. You really helped a lot by picking up the slack of those who did not commit to their giving. I would prefer that this be a non-issue this year. Those who were wronged last year, hopefully what I did made up a little bit and you still participate this year!

REGISTRATION: TODAY NOV 2ND - NOV 23TH. This is plenty of time to get registered and it will give me time to get everyone their recipient info in time for you to take advantage of holiday sales. It also leaves almost a month to get your gifts purchased and sent so that EVERY PERSON GETS THEIR GIFT ON TIME FOR CHRISTMAS.

I love doing this but it takes a crazy amount of time to organize and keep running smoothly. With that, I’m not going to take the time to babysit this event this year like I’ve done in previous years. This is a very easy process and with the right focus, you can be done with it quickly and enjoy being a part of UG holiday tradition. So here are some reminders:

  1. Post your sizes and wish list on this thread so your Santa will know what to send. If you have a person who does not list these things, buy them a book, a blue name or a gift card to the UG store. Keep it simple. Amazon wish lists make it easy as pie to get things done.
  2. Once you get your recipient’s info, make your purchase immediately, send it, and be done with it.
  3. Please be sure that you PM ME ASAP. Make sure you’re able to receive PM from anyone.
  4. Secret Santa is an International event and last few years we had 8 countries represented. To keep shipping costs and timing down to a minimum I’m keeping countries together this year as best as possible. So, as best as I can manage it, all players will be shipping to other players within their own country. Hopefully that helps smooth things out a bit, internationally.
  5. Come back here and post what you got! Say thanks to your SS! We’ve had a few times where the recipients didn’t say anything and the SS didn’t know if the person got their things. Say something! Post your gifts and have fun with it! Not a lot do this but I always hope to see some form of letting us all know what you got.

That’s it! Thanks for playing and have fun. Happy Holidays, in advance.

UG Secret Santa 9 years running (in 2023)
Est. 2003


Favorite Fighters:
Current fighters? Karolina K. That’s about it now.
Barnetto, Fedor, Guy Mezger, Dan Henderson, Shogun, Wanderlei, Don Frye, Cro Cop

Basspro, sportsmans or Palmetto GCs are more than welcomed.


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Noob question… what is a mud namer?

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It’s a term for people too smart to pay for this shit


Thanks. I always see it under names but never understood it

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Back in the day the names were blue(pro), green(fighters), Gray(business) or red(mods) and the black names. Black names were those who did not pay for pro.

I never took that out with the new site. I should.

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Thank you I’ve wondered that for a long time. I knew blue was pro and green was for fighters

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In. Get you info tomorrow, although nothing has changed.

a nOOb

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I fixed it lol

Kentaro Miura Guts GIF

Thanks for doing this again, RVD!!

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Gotta keep the spirit going. Even if its just me.


I really wanna do it, but I don’t really WANT anything. Lol. I’m a simple guy. I’m gonna talk to my wife later and ask her what I want and maybe I can come up with some stuff. Ha! I will say my mid year SS fucking nailed it.

Either way, put me on the list for contributions if someone welches.

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You kidding right? It is OG Zionist’s in 2023 and dark folk in 2022 (it’s a fluid definition via the OG and may change in future calendar years)…


“Blood sweat and 100 years” boston bruins book


Anything really boston sports

Does the Boston Bat Wanger count ?